Red, red and more red? Red has many meanings in various circles. But generally, it is widely recognized as a bold color that provokes energy and passion. It’s ‘the’ ultimate power color. But for the Holidays, it evokes festivity with a warm welcome.

The History of Holiday Red

Red came to Christmas via the red robes worn by Bishops, as those depicted of Saint Niccolas.  It is also the representation of the red apple from the paradise tree and the Holly berries (Mistletoe).

Red throughout the year…

It doesn’t take too much courage to commit to red for the holidays. But today, I’m inspired to show you how to bring a splash of red (through design) to you home that you can keep throughout the year. The examples below that I’m sharing reflect what that looks like according to your ‘soul style’. If you’re not sure what your style is, I put together a design style compass that will help you navigate. You can download at the bottom of this page.  

Modern – Practical

Modern – Sensual

Traditional – Practical

Traditional – Sensual

To learn what your unique soul style is, you can download a ‘Desing Style Compass’ HERE.

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