“For me, the creation of a place is spirituality in life. It’s where life meets soul…”

– Marcelle Guilbeau

Are you dreaming of a place that reflects the passions of the people that dwell within?

In order to create a place that gives people joy, you need to attune to the things that make them feel alive, and the things they love to do. In the home, I call this your Soul Style. In the workplace, it’s the Core Values which feed the mission. Sometimes we are lucky enough to happen upon a place that reflects our inner compass (the place has good bones or a happy vibe). But more often, we create it.

I want to find out more about my own Soul Style

I want to dive in and work together on this. How do I find out more about your services?

Download Your Compass

Download your complimentary Soul Style Compass. It will help you make the best layer decisions for your home.

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Discover Your Soul Style

Download the “Soul Style Compass” by Marcelle Guilbeau to explore your unique style combination.  This tool will help you discover the key to your aesthetic and set you on the path to a Soulful Home!

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