Many of you love decorating your homes for the season, making them truly warm and cozy. While some of you like to bring autumn into every corner of your home, many prefer having a ‘seasonal room.’ Your seasonal room is the room that will change according to the season. Below are my room specific accents for this autumn.

The living room – of a traditional sensualist (soul style):

Interior Design Workshop
Interior Design Workshop

The fireplace: A natural focal point in any room. Think of the mantel and the hearth. A place to collect mementos of past holiday gatherings (traditionalist-sensualists like to savor memories).


Interior Design Workshop

The Sofa: Who doesn’t have a few throw pillows to add comfort and warmth? It’s good to have a seasonal rotation of pillows year around. My autumn color recommendations is here.

Interior Design Workshop

The coffee table: It’s always a great idea to bring indoors any seasonal accents you’ve harvested from your own garden. Pine cones or eggcorns are easy to come by this time of year. 

The dining room – of a Modern Practicalist (soul style)

Interior Design Workshop
Interior Design Workshop


The Buffet: Designed for rotating seasonal accents (functionality built in)

Interior Design Workshop


The dining table: Candle mood lighting can take endless forms, and compliment that bold, minimal furniture.


The console: Under the statement art piece, a console is a perfect place to center a seasonal arrangement from mother nature.


Throughout the month, I’ll be bringing you my thoughts on how the season and your home design come together. 

Next up: “Seasonal accent for your soul’s style

Also, our friends at Style Blueprint posted 4 delicious inspirations for your thanksgiving table that I truly love. Please check them out here.


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