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Before & After: A Stunning Belle Meade Home Makeover

Delighted by its charming historic feel and luscious garden surrounding, Marcelle Guilbeau’s client chose this Belle Meade home as her family’s first in Nashville. And while it was perfect for the previous owners, it needed to be totally transformed to channel the passions, dreams and lifestyle of its new occupants. Enter, Marcelle.

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10 Farmhouse Kitchens We Are Loving Here

The kitchen remains the heart of the home. It’s where we gather over breakfast with kids before school or roommates before work, where we end the day with a glass of wine, and where guests inevitably hover over hors d’oeuvres at a party. We asked some of Nashville’s most talented designers, builders, handymen and architects to share some of their favorite farmhouse kitchen projects — to provide both inspiration and a little eye candy for you today.

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5 Common Furniture Buying Mistakes You’re Probably Making

It seems simple in theory – head to the furniture store, find a sofa that’s comfortable and that matches your décor, and you’re good to go, right? Wrong! Today we talk to Nashville interior designer Marcelle Guilbeau, who not only offers furniture selection as a service, but also has a book in the works called The Soulful Home that’s filled with advice about discovering your style and making selections for your home that reflect your authentic self.

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Best Interior Designers in Nashville 2019

Marcelle Guilbeau Interior Design is a Nashville boutique design firm.

Marcelle has accreditation through National Council for Interior Designers Qualification and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

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24 Wallpapered Foyers For A Gorgeous Home Entrance

Big design statements begin at the front door.

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New build reflects neighborhood’s past

When the three partners of Wagon Wheel Title and Escrow decided to build a new office next door to their East Nashville bungalow, they wanted it to look like it belonged there — a commercial project that fit right in with its residential neighbors.

And Angie Lawless, Brandon Miller and Steven Morris knew just who to turn to — architect David Baird with Building Ideas, with interior design done by his wife, Marcelle Guilbeau.

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Interior Designer Crush: Marcelle Guilbeau

It’s no surprise that Marcelle Guilbeau’s calming interiors are reflections of her calm demeanor. Her passion for spirituality and place, coupled with her appreciation for clients’ individual aesthetics, are the driving forces behind her work. Today, Marcelle talks spirituality and place and their role in the creation of soul style.

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Inspiring Spaces, Designer Profile, Marcelle Guilbeau

It was in the energy vortex of Santa Fe, New Mexico, that interior designer Marcelle Guilbeau had a spiritual awakening. After studying philosophy and art history in Florence and London, working in academia, and practicing massage therapy, Guilbeau eventually discovered interior design and her ability to expose beauty within it.

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