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When it comes to holiday design and decor, I prefer to keep to evergreens. I love the scent they bring into the home. Sprayed with white twinkle lights and candles, and bits of reds and golds where appropriate – but not too much.  

A roaring fireplace is also a decorative centerpiece. Not only does it draw us in for warmths, but our eyes tend to immediately gravitate to it.  So decorating the mantle is important. Add chunky white candles wherever you can, and again, evergreens.

And for the surrounding furniture, bring out your red and gold throw pillows to add warmth and festivity to the home. Spray the dining table with greenery and a mixture of white candles throughout. Add greenery and twinkle lights to the stair bannister, and anywhere else it can go. Tuck any remaining greenery and some white berries in your perennial arrangements around the home. Greet the guests with red or white poinsettias and evergreen wreaths with classic red bows at the front entrance.  There’s so much more too…   

This year, my studio staff and I decided to gift you with my Soulful Holiday ideas and tips. Click here to receive it. 

I hope you enjoy it! 

Happy Holidays! 

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