What Makes A Soulful Home?

A Soulful Home, or workplace, is a place that invites you to connect with your heart and soul. It is a place that is more than just beautiful. It is a place that centers and strengthens you while you express your own aesthetic, or as I call it, your ‘Soul Style’.

If a key principle in curating a Soulful Home or workplace is a Soul Style, you might ask, ‘what is my design Soul Style? ’Well, you’re either a ‘Modernist or a Traditionalist,’ or a ‘Practicalist or Sensualist’.  

When reviewing the styles below, ask yourself which of these speaks to you. For example, you may also find that you’re drawn to both a Modernist and a Sensualist style. If so, then you’re not just one or the other  — Yours is a Combination of Soul Styles…


Traditionalist value being grounded by their ‘roots,’ either family roots or cultural/historic roots. This means they also value:

  • Grounding – a place to gather strength
  • Family-oriented activities
  • Sentimental things such as heirlooms
  • Sense of community
  • Love of history


Modernists value ‘openness and innovation’ and they operate out of a sense of discovery. They are also:

  • Minimalists
  • Travel light
  • Are world citizens
  • Love novelty
  • Enjoy bringing the outdoors in


Practicalists values ‘purpose’ which means they:

  • Like to keep moving
  • Get it done
  • Say “When I see it, I know what to do with it”
  • Need everything to have its place
  • Need their place to be clean and orderly


Sensualists values ‘nurturing’ of the self and other. They:

  • Savor the moment
  • Love to explore
  • Collect objects and experiences
  • Need for their environment to stir their senses
  • Needs some space and the luxury to unwind
Designing a Soulful Home requires not only knowing your design Soul Style, but knowing how to bring it into your home or workplace.

This includes identifying your aesthetic (the things you love to do) and your lifestyle (the things that make you feel alive), and with these clarified, deciding how the space will be used. Once this is clarified, we map out the Building Blocks of your project by establishing your Timeless and Classic Base… And finally, through a creative unfolding process, we bring in your design Layers — the pieces that define your unique Soul Style — This can be the perfect rug, the paint or wallcovering and even side tables, lighting and artwork.

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