As we move further into November, its time to get ready for the holidays. Thanksgiving will kicks off the festivities and so, naturally, we want to bring that holiday warmth and tradition to our home design.

My clients often ask me, “How can I welcome the holidays without it looking overly decorate or complicated?” 

Well, we’re all very busy these days, but we still want our homes to nurture our selves and our families.  So, how can we keep the joy in holiday decorating? And how can we do this in a way that speaks to your unique ‘soul style’.

There are four soul styles that speak to the core of who we are in design: Traditional, Sensual, Practical and Modern. If you happen to be a Traditionalists or a Sensualists, you’ve got the season down in spades. But if your style is Practicalist or Modernist, you’ll want to incorporate a few new elements. 

If we haven’t yet worked together and you’re not sure what your unique soul style is, you can click here to get the design style compass and see what that is.


Traditionalists (the family and cultural roots lovers among us) live to mark the seasons and holidays, while Sensualists (our consummate nurturers) love to create a warm welcome.

Traditional and Sensual Style – This is Your Season!

Interior Design Workshop

Here I’ve added a natural shimmer with the gold threaded place mats, linen napkins with gold threaded holders, and gold chargers over classic white plates. These classic décor tricks can also be used in a modern setting.

Interior Design Workshop

Add lovely twigs and dried leaves in your perennial flower arrangement for a fall twist. Keep the flowers in a “neutral” (white) color palette so that they can work year-round. In the winter, you can change it out for evergreen sprigs. 

Interior Design Workshop
Interior Design Workshop

Modern and Practical – Often the modernist (who travel light) and the practicalist (who are always on the go) don’t have time, or care to make time, for holiday decorating. They are our nonconformists they just want to offer a nod to the seasonal changes. 

If this is you, just bring out your flower arrangements and your table runner with bits of oranges and browns to accent the season. Absolutely no fluffing required!

Likewise with throw pillows, candles and decorative accents. Keep your year round accents neutral, timeless and classic. Then sprinkle in seasonal accents.

As you can see here, some simple insertion of fall coloration to an otherwise clean, minimal space. Set out some bowls of seasonal fruits and nuts, to add some holiday cheer.  

They don’t have to be that bold. In fact, the more classic the color palette, the less we will tire of it. Save the bold pops of color the holiday parties.

Interior Design Workshop

Modern Sensual – As we talk about in my workshops, modernists tend to favor cooler colors, such as greys, purples, and blues. But you don’t have to color your house orange in order to partake of the fall holiday spirit.

Bring out the sumptuous golds, as seen in these velvet throw pillows. Add some golden berries to your center pieces or dried arrangement for some holiday cheer.

Interior Design Workshop

Traditional Sensual – The definition of cozy. Have fun with the holidays. Bring out the owl pillow, the brown deer sculpture – and yes, lots and lots of white candles.

Interior Design Workshop

Traditional Practical – Bring out those pumpkin colored throw pillows for some instant fall weather coziness.

Throughout the holidays, I’ll be bringing you my thoughts on

how the season and your home design come together. 

Next up: “How to gather the family with design this Thanksgiving.

Also, our friends at Style Blueprint posted 4 delicious inspirations for your thanksgiving table that I truly love. Please check them out here.


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