Window treatments multi-use …

Window treatments are the design layer that brings the finishing touches of your Soul Style. However, as you move into this part of your home redesign, keep in mind that window treatments often double for a building block —  pieces in your home that anchor a room. This happens when one uses them to accommodate the need for privacy and/or light control.

There are many choices when it comes to the window treatment layer — Drapery, light sheers, shades, blinds, valances and window scarves, and they all bring emphasis to your design soul style.  Today, I share with you my favorite window treatments from my past designs and offer a few tips to help you make the best selections for your own home. 

Drapes Vs Curtains…

Drapes, the ideal choice for the traditionalist, will tend to be more formal and heavier.  And as mentioned above, often used to block light and bring privacy. They’re traditionally used in formal or private areas of a home, like a dining room or living room.

Curtains, on the other hand, are lighter in fabric and often sheer. They filter in natural light and are not intended for the privacy of a space. Think cheerful sheer!  They’re perfect for a playroom or the kitchen

Goblet Pleat Drapes

Goblet Pleat Drapes

Ripplefold Sheer Curtains

Rod Pocket Curtains

Flat Vs Relaxed Roman Shades …

The Flat Roman Shade is absolutely the go-to choice for today’s modernists home. This is because of its simplicity and sophistication. They’re basic and made with one continuous piece of fabric without any frills or distractions from the rest of the design in the space. 
The Relaxed Roman Shade describes itself quite nicely. It’s an ideal choice for the modern sensualist in its simplicity and its invitation to ‘relax.‘  When its raised, the sides of the shades come up or gather, displaying a soft curvey middle. Overall, Roman Shades can be a perfect choice for any room in your home you may want to keep simple.  It does its job of filtering in or blocking out natural sunlight without taking away from the home aesthetic.  

Flat Roman Shades

Relaxed Roman Shades

Solar Panels…

Solar shades, or screens, are typically made of a special screenmesh, or fabric, and their purpose is to reduce glare, infrared heat gain while providing a degree of daytime privacy without prohibiting your view outside.  However, since they do not provide nighttime privacy, I recommend you keep these in your upstairs space.  Style-wise, they’re ideal for today’s Practicalist Soul Style design because they’re all about functionality. 

Window Treatment Inspiration… 

Whether you are seeking new window treatments to better fit soul style aesthetic, or crave more privacy, the window treatment layer is something to give plenty of thought too.  I’m linking you to my Pinterest board where I’ve got a plethora of window treatment ideas to inspire you.  I also recommend the following links to get specific on folds, please and pleats.  >> draper types

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