It’s that time of year when the leaves are changing and layers are welcomed back into the fold in big ways.  And in the world of design, it’s about bringing these layers into our homes in a way that speaks to our unique soul styles.  

The Autumn feeling…

Autumn for most of us is about “feeling” the change in the season — It’s about warmth and evoking cozy.  For me, it’s all about turning inwards as it gets chilly out there — It’s about sitting still and having a moment of reflection, sipping a cup of tea snuggled under a cozy blanket and watching the leaves change.

Simply Cozy…

Regardless of your design soul style, you can bring in that cozy autumn feeling with throws and pillows… Instant autumn cozy transformation.

by Mr Perswall. On my Autumn board for this post

Autumn Colors 2018…

Rich blues have always been a timeless classic… However, this year it has become a 2018 absolute fall/winter trend (particularly navy blue)

From our current, in progress, Niido Air b&b Project.

As seen on my Fall Trends Pinterest by

Seasonal Layering…

A great way to incorporate Autumn color without a full-on Thanksgiving theme is to work your layering in through wall hangings, such as artwork or brass mirrors and decor such as books and candle holders (or operas)

Autumn Trends

Well, one thing that we’ve seen all year and will stick around this Autumn is bold and cozy with its Nordic influences.  It truly continues to delight me.  It’s all about rich tones, blocks of color, and even touches of black and big flouncy florals.  I put together some of the most inspiring Autumn trends on my Pinterest board.  Join me as I drool over there by linking here.  

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