When you attend an art exhibit, you’re invited into the creative world of the artist. However, when you bring art into your home, it is a reflection, or a window, into what has meaning for you. Depending on the piece, art can make a bold statement about how you experience life. Consider it like this… You are visually sharing representations of you that speak to your soul through your home art selections. 

The Art as a Focal Point…

Quite often design enthusiasts use their home art as a layer, which is an aspect of the aesthetic of their design. I not only support this but I also teach it. Today, however, I’m inviting you to notice how the art in your home can be used as a room’s focal point which serves to anchor the space (see my past blog where we go in deeper on room focal point). 

Art for the Modern Soul Style…

In my own loft-like living room (left image), where I don’t have a fireplace focal point, it is my art that anchors the room. Notice how the curved lines within the wall art compliment the lines of my table lamps? Or how the art colors are mirrored in the color pallet of the room? Here, my wall art not only serves as an anchor but it ties my entire living space together. 

In a similar way, notice how the wall art of my modernist client (right image), which depicts more realists’ forms, brings softness and warmth to their dining room space? I just love the colors!

Modern Zen Soul Style 

Modern Minimalist Soul Style 

Art and the Traditionalist… 

There are two types of Traditionalist. One is a family-focused traditionalist and the other is the “Historian Traditionalist.” [please review my soul style combinations blog to getter a better sense of these two soul style characteristics].

Below are two example of how a traditionalist may be moved to express their art…

My clients (left image) are sailboats lovers, so a family member painted them these sailboats. Here they honor and showcase family, their passion, and tradition through their art. On the right, however, we have the art of a Traditionalist and Practical client. Here they neatly arranged the art as a ‘collection from travels’ which is honors memories and culture. I particularly love the balance of ‘practicality’ with the richness of storytelling.  

Family-focused Traditionalist  

Historian Traditionalist

Splash of Art

A well-curated neutral or monochromatic palette is a classic for any soul style. And this is where you’ll especially want to bring in your wall art as a means to energize a space. Your wall art can add that ‘splash of color’ to create a ‘pop’ and holds attention.  It can also draw the eyes throughout the space toward other creative elements as seen here in this eclectic design (left image). Using art to bring in that splash of color is also something a modernist who leans into for a sense of roots (right image). Here my client’s sister includes the frame, in teil, for that added pop element.

Eclectic Design

Modern Home

The other Art in your Home

Art in your home does not have to be limited to fine wall art. A still life painting, for instance, is an art piece that typically depicts inanimate subject matter that is typically commonplace objects. Consider expanding your creative horizon with the actual subject matter, a collection of things you love brought together tell a story that connects to your soul. You can capture it in a photograph to display it in another room while keeping the 3-dimensional pieces, art subjects, on your kitchen shelf as seen here…

Still Life as Art


Art as Still Life – Photo by Alana Rasbach.


You can also use the Art itself to display as a still life, as seen here on top of this hall bookshelf.  

How ever you choose to bring art into your home, my hope is that you’ve selected pieces that make you feel alive, and that also speak to aspects of who you are that you may not always be able to put into words…


– Marcelle Guilbeau

Nashville Interior Designer
Soulful Living By Design

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