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Dering Hall included one of our designs in their blog post all about yellow last week:

35 Bright Spaces with Pops of Yellow

(click the title above and see if you can pick my work out of the 35 – no cheating!)

In honor of the honor, so to speak, I thought now would be a great time to talk about this current trend and offer a few tips on how to use yellow in your home.

Sunshine Yellow Bedroom

This color has come out on top in recent years and the trend shows no hint of receding.

Why yellow?

We’re all looking for some happiness and we want to feel optimistic about the future. This combined with trends toward retro inspired colors like the earthy tones of the 60’s and the bright and poppy tones of the 70’s has led us to this sunshiny crossroads 😉

yellow walls in dining room

Don’t forget that balance is everything when it comes to color in the home. Too much sunshine and you could be injecting a shot of anxiety but the right amount can spark creativity, memory, and basically put some “pep” in your step .

3 Tips on Using Yellow in Your Home:

  1. You be You: Choose a yellow that speaks to you. Go to your favorite paint store and choose several different shades you LOVE and then run it by the rest of your homes inhabitants. Make sure you pick the one that feels good to everyone. Then be sure to test, test, test!
  2. Not Just Anywhere: Unless we are talking small injections of accessories – this color is not for every room. Imagine a bedroom painted a bright and cheery yellow. While I admit, waking up will likely be easy, what about falling asleep? Think kitchens, breakfast rooms, hallways, etc.
  3. Let Yellow Make Friends: Yellow is a friendly color and it pairs well to create nuanced color statements. Bold yellow and gray is all the rage but what about french vanilla walls with lavender accents or a deep navy wall with buttery-yellow chairs or rugs?
color pairing for yellow
color pairing for yellow


Manipura_solar plexusYellow is the color of the Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra. Located in the stomach area it is linked to the stomach, liver, skin, large intestine, muscular system, and solar plexus area. This Chakra is representative of vitality and will. Opening this Chakra will lead to wisdom, self-confidence and well being.

If you would like to learn more about how to create a home filled with colors, textures, and styles that nurture and support your life check out my The Souful Home page. There you can learn more about what makes a home truly- soulful and save your spot for my upcoming The Soulful Home Workshop where you will explore and unpack your design style.

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