The Soulful Home: design for authentic living

Hi there, it’s Marcelle, I am currently working on a book. It’s called:
The Soulful Home:  Design for Authentic Living.

It is intended to be a practical tool as well as a beautiful coffee table book.

An expansion of my workshops, “Create Your Own Style,” in The Soulful Home you will discover your own “style”, and explore the “values, priorities and life circumstances” that underlie it.

But how do you go from “style” to the creation of a “home”?  That is what is this book is about!

I have broken the material down into three chapters:

  • Discover Your Own Style (in which the workshop is expanded as a workbook)
  • Build a Timeless and Classic Base
  • Layers (where I illustrate, using case studies, how to experiment with your style by layering different elements over a classic base)

Learn more about The Soulful Home and participate in my workshops, @ (coming soon :))

Read an excerpt from The Soulful Home

When someone inquires about my design services, they often say, “I want this style” or “I like this look”.  They show me images from a magazine or online idea board, with captions such as “traditional ” or “modern style”.  Often, they come to me with a combination of styles that intrigue, such as “urban farmhouse,” “rustic industrial” or “vintage modern”.  They challenge me to help them “mix it up” in an artful way.

This is what I am known for in Nashville where I practice interiors – helping folks create their own eclectic mix of style, and making it work in their individual homes and lives.

My goal (from a style perspective) is that, when a friend walks into your home, they say, “Oh, this is so cool!  It’s so……..”  The friend can’t put their finger on it – what makes your home so cool.  (And that, to me, is the biggest complement – when a visitor can’t tell you “hired a designer”.)

Don’t we all want to have a home interior with panache?

Like a celebrity who always looks chic – without looking like the fashion magazine models (how could she, when her imperfect figure will never look like that?)  She has her own inimitable style.But there is more than meets the eye – literally – more than the “look” (or style or mix of styles), which my clients quickly discover comes into being, as soon as we get started. For example, one client brought me into her living room, with the directive to “banish the brown” (too much woody wood in her urban chalet), and to perk up the tired and worn out furniture.  Seems like a pretty straightforward aesthetic update:  Repaint the window frames in an appropriate shade of her favorite blue-green;  reupholster the chairs;  replace the oversized sofa with a smaller one that “lets the room breathe”;  replace the wooden shades with cream linen relaxed romans that let the light shine through.  And voila!  This will look good for cocktail parties, right?

Well, yes…..  But that is not what I heard from my client, over and over again.

“I just want to come home and – curl up in my sofa – and relax, and read…..  I don’t want to go anywhere….. or do anything…..!”  She intimated this with gleeful amazement.  As if to say, “Can I have it?  This time and space to relax and unwind?  I didn’t even know I wanted it…..”

This bank executive needed a nourishing place to unwind and regather herself at the end of a hectic day.  She was not looking for this “getaway” in her home;  but her story illustrates how, even when we don’t know it, designing a home is more than “the pretty”.  In fact, what calls to us as beautiful is often a sign of something deeper within us, which needs to be expressed and nurtured……


More to come later!

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