Statement Backsplashes

The kitchen is the heart of many a home and with the advent of “Open Plan” living, the kitchen backsplash has become a wonderful opportunity to make a bold statement.

Recently, Dering Hall honored us by featuring one of our designs in their slideshow “33 Colorful Kitchen Backsplashes.” They correctly observe that you can add color and personality to your kitchen in many ways. One that shouldn’t be overlooked is a tile backsplash that makes a unique statement about your personal style.

Find your way to the perfect backsplash statement for your home with these three tips:

Kitchen Backsplash

1. Your backsplash doesn’t have to be multi-colored to make a bold statement.

The Ice Mist Tile backsplash above sets a gorgeous tone in this decidedly modern kitchen. While the rich and dark wood cabinets add warmth, the island, acrylic stools and backsplash work together to create a space reminiscent of the perfect winter day.

Black Tile Black Tile Backsplash
Lite Green and Aqua Tile Backsplash

2. Using complimentary color schemes will make your backsplash POP!

The two backsplashes above both use color choice as an opportunity to create contrast and use complimentary color schemes. The black backsplash allows the yellow accents around the kitchen to pop forward. The light aqua and sea glass green of the second backsplash provides a gorgeous counterpoint to the deep red appliances.

Tabarka Tile Kitchen Backsplash

3. Tiles with cultural character add depth and texture

Using handmade Tabarka Tiles are one of my favorite ways to make a statement in any room. This beautiful kitchen from my Urban Villa project pairs terra cotta floor tiles with blue and white Tabarka tiles to enhance the Spanish Villa vibe we were looking to achieve. Check out some of the MANY options offered by Tabarka Studio to get your creative juices flowing.

Kitchen Backsplash in Gray with Herringbone pattern

I hope I have inspired you to think outside the box when designing your own backsplash. Explore colors and patterns that appeal to you and use the space as a canvas upon which to express your personality. Each choice we make in our homes is another step toward the Soulful Home we have always wanted – a home you can wait to walk into every evening and wake up in each morning.

-Happy Tiling


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