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You’ve prepped your home’s entertaining areas and thought of every detail to make your party amazing and your guests comfortable: beautifully arranged flowers and delicious food in the dining room, inviting and well-stocked bar in the parlor, lit candles in the foyer, the perfect musical playlist flowing through the garden … and where are your guests? Packed into the kitchen – having a great time!

Kitchens,the heart and soul of every home, are a natural draw for conversations and congregating. Incorporating these 5 elements into your kitchen design will make entertaining and party planning a breeze which means everyone (you and your guests) will have more fun!


1. The Open Kitchen

If you are in the process of designing a new home or preparing for renovations this is the best solution for entertaining purposes. Missing walls mean mingling guests.

Open kitchen design


2. Adjustable Lighting to Set the Mood

Overhead lighting on dimmers, task lights under the cabinets, and recessed lights in the ceiling. All of these lighting types come together to create a space that is as functional as it is inviting.

Alabaster Subway Tile


3. Counter Top Space for Drinks and Appetizers

When preparing for a party remove everything not relevant to the party from your counter tops. Create conversation hubs with tiered appetizer trays and drink stations.

Counter tops are your friend

4. Diverse Seating Options

Guest love seeing a variety of seating options and places to congregate. Thoughtful furniture arrangement encourages conversations and bonhomie.

Bespoke rustic walnut bench balanced by modern clear lucite chairs

5. A Butler’s Pantry

I hear some of you saying, “Wait Marcelle, what do I do if I have a very small galley kitchen? I want to entertain too!” The butler’s pantry is the solution for you. I guarantee that if you stock the bar and cover it in enticing finger food it will be THE place to gather in your home.

Butler's Pantry

Happy Entertaining!

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