With people spending more time in their houses than ever before, it’s more important than ever that we ensure our homes speak to the heart, inspiring from within. So, I have asked Rachel Burris, our guest blogger, to provide us with ideas as to how a kitchen backsplash can help us achieve a soulful home.

Rachel Burris is a writer who covers topics of interest to present and future homeowners. She is passionate about helping others find ways to express themselves creatively, both in and out of the home.

8 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas For Your Soulful Home

Backsplashes are the focal point of any kitchen. Even the simplest kitchen backsplashes can transform the room with a whimsical design, an interesting texture, a bold statement, or a pop of color. Sure, from a functional standpoint, they’re intended to protect your walls from water damage and oil splatter; however, a kitchen backsplash means so much more when designing a soulful home. 

The kitchen is the heart of your home, which is why your backsplash should be carefully chosen to inspire you and express your Soul Style. Take a look at some of our favorite kitchen backsplash ideas and learn which may be most fitting for your unique design style.

1. White Tile

It’s hard to go wrong with a classic white tile. A white tile backsplash can open up your kitchen, making it feel bright, airy and clean. Although this choice can come in all shapes and sizes, white subway tiles are always on-trend. 

Notice how the backsplash in this kitchen takes a backseat, allowing the bold, blue cabinets to have the spotlight. Since the subway tiles mirror the lines of the white, open shelves and farmhouse sink, the eye can’t help but travel around the room.

2. Exposed Brick

If you’re looking for a more rustic or industrial design, exposed brick backsplashes can transform your kitchen. While red bricks make a bold statement, you can also choose to whitewash the material to create a softer look. Yet, because brick is a porous material, these backsplashes are harder to clean and should be coated with a sealant.

In lieu of uniform red bricks, multicolored bricks add another dimension to this kitchen backsplash. Here, the brick backsplash is framed by a rich wooden entryway. The juxtaposition adds an industrial flair to what might otherwise have been a more rustic look.

3. Mosaic

Instead of installing the same tile over and over again, why not use yours to create an interesting pattern? Mosaic tiles can turn your kitchen wall into a work of art. They come in a multitude of colors, shapes, materials, and sizes to create designs that range from simple to intricate.

Just gazing at the mosaic tiles used in this French country-style kitchen is enough to make you want some of your own. The muted tones and delicate lines create a featherlike pattern that is just as whimsical as it is exquisite.

4. Penny Tile

As simple as they may seem, penny tiles can add a layer of visual interest to your kitchen. The tiles, which are no bigger than a penny, come in a wide variety of colors, enabling you to play with the mood that they create. To maximize the visual effect, you can display a color gradation or pair white penny tiles with black grout.

The penny tile used in this kitchen adds a nice texture to the room. The small, circular tiles create a more tactile feel that stimulates the senses. The choice also creates a lovely contrast with the predominantly smooth surfaces found in the rest of the kitchen.

5. Marble

Adding a marble backsplash can instantly elevate your kitchen. This timeless natural stone varies immensely in color, veining pattern and form. For a seamless look, you can install marble slabs. However, you can also create greater surface interest by installing marble tiles. 

The marble tiles used in this contemporary kitchen achieve a sleek, chic look. The marble’s white base and light gray veining give the kitchen wall a softer appearance that is reinforced by the tile’s larger dimensions.

5. Mirror

Mirror tiles tend to add a playful dimension to kitchen backsplashes. Their ability to reflect light can brighten the room and even make it appear bigger. Although mirror tiles are striking, they are often best utilized in smaller doses or as part of a mosaic created with other materials.

However, the antique mirror tiles installed in this kitchen are show-stopping. The oxidized tiles reflect less light and add an antique feel, which provides the kitchen with both glamour and intrigue.

7. Eclectic Backsplash Ideas

Keep in mind that you don’t have to limit yourself. Your kitchen can feature more than one type of backsplash, especially if you’re working with a larger space. Creating a more eclectic design by layering different materials, colors or styles can ultimately lead to a kitchen backsplash that truly speaks to your unique style.

Take a look at this kitchen, for instance. Notice how the size of the materials chosen is varied, but the color scheme remains constant, tying the various components together. The quartz slab acts as the focal point of the backsplash. Yet, it’s the subway tiles, which have been installed from counter to ceiling, and the mosaic tiles on the hood that provide the wall with texture and visual interest.

8. Backsplash Ideas for White Cabinets

Choosing a white tile backsplash to correspond with your white cabinets creates an elegant look that’s both fresh and modern. The white-on-white effect enables the geometric lines of this stunning kitchen to become the feature of the room. The eye excitedly takes in the variety of shapes from the bookended archways and spherical pendant light fixtures to the rectangular tiles, countertops, and drawers.

Instead of going monochromatic, you can choose to pair your white cabinets with a pop of color. The full effect will depend on the color you choose. The navy blue subway tiles featured in this photo create a lovely focal point for a room clad in bright white cabinets. The deep hue of the tiles is juxtaposed with the warm, wooden floorboards and beamed ceiling, providing the kitchen with an air of sophistication,

Choosing the Right Backsplash for Your Kitchen

Learning to identify your sense of style is like getting to know a part of yourself. To choose the right backsplash for your kitchen, you must be receptive and allow the materials to speak to you. Once you unearth your Soul Style, take a look at the types of kitchen backsplashes that may appeal to yours.    


Traditionalists value their roots. When choosing their kitchen backsplash, they may begin by considering what particular part of their heritage sways them. It could be their family, their culture, or their place within history. Exploring this question helps them identify the kind of backsplash that will fulfill them on a soulful level. 

A traditionalist may choose a bright-colored, square tile that calls to mind hot meals devoured in their grandmother’s kitchen or mosaic tiles that embrace the energy and colors of their culture. Others may prefer marble slabs due to their timeless feel and connection to the earth. 


Modernists may be minimalists at heart, but still, they’re drawn to innovation and novelty. When they explore kitchen backsplashes, they seek designs that inspire spiritual or intellectual discovery. 

A modernist may prefer a white tile to go with their white cabinets, as its simplicity accentuates the beautiful lines of their kitchen. However, for those modernists who are more motivated by that which is novel, a mirror tile may tickle their fancy. With the cheerful way it reflects light, mirror tile not only makes a bold statement but also sparks our curiosity.


For practicalists, cleanliness and organization reign supreme. When considering kitchen backsplashes, they judge them by their functionality. A backsplash is intended to protect the wall from damage, so practicalists tend to choose the backsplash that does so best.

A practicalist may select a subway tile for their kitchen, given its high durability and affordability. The subway tile is easy to clean, lasts long, and suits all kitchen styles. Plus, its clean lines and staggered pattern enhances the room’s orderly feel.


Sensualists are nurturers who savor their time spent with family and friends. For them, the kitchen is the setting where they’ll share not only their culinary creations but also their most treasured memories. Therefore, when selecting a kitchen backsplash, they look for something that not only awakens their senses but also spurs their generous spirit.

A sensualist may be drawn to a brick backsplash for the physical and emotional dimension it provides the room. The color and texture of the brick furnish the backsplash with an elegant yet rustic feel. However, it also conveys warmth and a feeling of intimacy that unites those who gather around the kitchen table. 

As you explore the myriad options available for your own kitchen backsplash, remember to pay close attention to your heart. Achieving a soulful home is all about designing a space that brings out the best in you, a space that you truly love to be in. 

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