Adventures in… Table Layering?

So if you’ve been following my blog series, you’ll notice that I’ve called coffee tables and side tables in a living room, a layer.  In truth, they are not a full layer because they have a functional purpose: To hold books, lamps, drinks and maybe some snacks. However, if you set it aside as a “layer” after picking out your sofa and two chairs (or a sectional) you’ll notice that the tables (or ottomans), like most layers, falls into place. You’ll know better whether it needs to be something soft to give extra seating or to put your feet up on, or whether it needs to be all glassy and nice, the better to show off your collection of seashells or something….

But besides the functionality, there is another good reason to hold off on selecting those tables until after the big furniture pieces are decided upon, and that’s because you can then have a lot of fun playing with them in different ways. Notice the smorgasbord of table offerings my team and I just came across at-

‘High Point Market’

If there’s one thing I saw over and over again, it was DECO (though more broadened into the European origins – Moderne )  And ROUND, ROUND, ROUND.  Such as this coffee table and side table from Noir – the better to move around the and entertain with.

A stunning example of a Deco style coffee table with rounded corners – also great for entertaining. Love the way the shape of it works with the chairs and the pattern in the rug. This one is made of mahogany. Courtesy of Worlds Away.

I Just LOVE the way the black and white pattern in these two cube tables is echoed in the sofa pillows and the rug. Talk about layering! Also at Worlds Away.

Also adoring this sculptural, oh-so-Moderne, classic but chic take on a sofa table, also from Noir. I often can’t bond with a client’s insistence on a sofa table to jam up against a perfectly decent piece of furniture…  But this? LOVE.

Okay, this is neither a coffee table nor a side table, but it is a thing that holds things! These Deco style etageres in antique brass are just killing me! Move over Midcentury Modern – make way for DECO!

And switching back to a more naturalistic vein – this time with a more European twist (Hugge anyone?) These chunky wooden stools just stole my heart.  And they would make great side tables. Totally versatile. At Europe2You.

I love seeing the showrooms High Point Market. Besides being such stunning tour de forces of design, you can learn nifty ways to put furniture together. Such as putting a simple Parsons-style chunky wooden console behind a couple of chairs! 

Close up! This is just me being the design geek that I am, geeking out on this wood and the way the painted lower half makes one feel it… So cool!

I also loved the way this round, concrete, top-side table overlaps the chair in the most fashionable cocktail table way… And without being “one-handed” like the earlier ones with the support base on just one side.

Petrified wood on rusted metal anyone? Yes, please! If you were following me years back, you’d recall me seeing this stuff all over L.A. As usual, L.A. has finally “brought it” to the Heartland! Via Regina Andrew.

Did I mention round tables? Well, how about a round sofa to go with it? Love the way these two tables are overlapped in the middle. I could just see some nuts or something sitting on the tall one at a Gatsby-style party here. Caracole Furniture Showroom.

Okay, another non-table, but I just delighted with this playful deco style chaise! Of course, you could put a tray on it and have snacks and drinks… Maybe that’s the connection (not). Via Extrav-Agate.

And finally, this is where that Deco thing meets California Natural. This console is just heaven – and really something I haven’t seen before!  A very elegant variation on a side table here (yeah that’s the connection).

Happy table hunting! 

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