It may seem counterintuitive, especially for the Practicalists and Modernists among us, to discuss the throw pillows layer next.  But it is frequently the next step I take with my clients after we’ve selected the sofa and chairs. There are two reasons for this:

Fabric Options…

First, if you are fortunate enough to be ordering a custom sofa, it often comes with toss pillows. You can elect to cover them in a different fabric than that of the sofa, for a very little additional cost. The showroom where you’re getting the sofa will likely have a collection of fabrics that come with the sofa. 

Suzani pillows from a visit to Santa Kilim in Santa Fe, NM

Picking that pillow fabric will give you a world of information regarding your taste in colors, textures, and patterns.

From there, armed with this potent window into my clients’ color sense, I often back up and help them pick out their wall color.  And then we move forward with rugs, window treatments, etc. That is how rich in information the mere selection of a fabric for a pillow can be.

Color Clarity…

The second reason pillows make a great next step in layers is that pillows are a perfect segue into colors, textures, and patterns. These elements make up your own personal aesthetic, or in other words, your sense of “what makes you feel alive”.  

There is no right or wrong way to go with pillows. You can have lots of color and pattern or very little. You can mix it up eclectically, or keep it spare and simple. The challenge is to become comfortable with what speaks to you.

Pillows are relatively inexpensive. They’re easy to buy, easy to mix up, experiment with and change out over time. I have had clients call me in despair because they have “bought so many pillows” and still haven’t figured out how to pull it together. Even if they needed help sorting them out, the truth is, the answer to the question was already there, in those pillows!

Suzani and Sari pillow for a client’s master bath

Pillows Over Time…

Throw pillows are a great way to play with the trends and can be updated over time.  There are some fun styles that will endure the passage of time, thus making them classic.  I recommend having them custom made – 

Button tufted and Ball fringes – A simple way to pull the color palette through and add interest! 

Client’s custom ultra suede pillows with button tufting and ball fringe – wow!

Brush and loop fringes

Loop fringe on my clients’ custom pillow adds simple elegance 

Changing out the throw pillows over time is also easy and inexpensive, and can be a simple and inexpensive way to discover and play with your own style and taste.

Other trends I’m seeing on the throw pillow front are:

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– Happy pillow hunting!

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