Today, we are going to dive into Soul Style combinations by taking the magazine exercise a step further.  Please refer to “When Soul meets Style” and When Soul meets Style part 2” to better understand Primary and Secondary Soul Style.

I meet with clients all the time that believe they’re just one particular style, say Modern, but then are thrown off when they start to choose design elements that speak more to Practical or Sensual. The reality of it is that most of us have a Soul Style Combination. Unearthing what it is for you will take you far in redesigning a home that uplifts your soul, revitalizes your creativity and brings you peace.  And let’s not discount that getting clear will also save you time and resources.  So let’s just jump right into the exercise below. 

Practical Design

Sensual Design

The Magazine Exercise, Part 3…

Back to the table, we go… 

  • Spread out all those images you previously selected in the magazine exercise from last weeks blog.
  • Download the Soul Style Compass. (you’ll need this tool)
  • Place your magazine images in the “style direction” of the compass they most closely match   
  • When multiple styles are represented in one photo, focus on what in the image speaks to you.
  • Describe the feeling in your notes.  
  • Count up the number of images you set on the east/west access of your soul style compass.  

With the exercises in play, you can see clearly that there are four Soul Style combinations:

Traditional-Practical | Traditional-Sensual | Modern-Practical | Modern Sensual

All four are shown on the ‘Soul Style Compass, with images and examples. When you download the compass, guide your eyes to the bottom of the pdf and take particular note of the personality characteristics of individuals who are drawn to any of these style combinations.  I think you’ll be tickled to see where your characteristics match up with the images you’ve been drawn to!   

Traditional – Sensual Soul Style

Practical – Modern Soul Style

What Next? 

Now that you’re on your way to being fully clear on your Soul Style Combination, It’s time to rearrange your vision board accordingly. You’ll be amazed at how creative and confident the layering process will be for you from here on.  

Next week: Your Aesthetic and Lifestyle.  

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