After the hibernation of a long winter our thoughts naturally turn to getting out into the sunshine. There’s no need to wait until the weekend to enjoy the great outdoors when you incorporate nature’s beauty into your living and work spaces.

Glass Walls

wall of windows
outdoor living

Utilize floor-to-ceiling window and door designs OR on-trend glass walls to bring the outdoors right into your home. Not only is the natural light more sustainable but it is proven to boost your mood. The floating breakfast nook nestled in front of the floor to ceiling walls gives the feeling of dining al fresco

let the sun shine in

These beautiful antique french doors allow this room to open up onto a deeply shaded porch with plenty of ceilings fans. The perfect way for friends and family to enjoy beautiful early spring evenings poolside.

Outdoor Bonus Room

outdoor room

Who says a bonus room needs to be tucked away in a windowless attic or basement?! A screened-in porch offers additional living space that can be used year round. Indoor/outdoor fabrics keep furniture safe from the elements as well as kids and s\pets. A built-in fireplace creates the perfect outdoor entertaining ambiance for cool fall nights while a stylish ceiling fan keeps the party cool on sultry southern summer evenings.

outdoor room
urban outdoor room

Even in a more urban space you can carve out a private outdoor room. This family space is on the second floor with plenty of greenery surrounding – creating a tree-house like ambiance that soothes and relaxes.

Add Window Treatments

outdoor drapes

Functional and oh so glam – swathes of outdoor fabric turn any balcony, porch, or deck into a magical experience. Not only do they pump up the elegance and wow factor – they are also a great way to introduce privacy to your outdoor space.

sunbrella fabric

Create Chill Zones

Every great outdoor space features both areas to congregate and areas to contemplate.

nashville interior designer - urban villa
reduce stress

Creating a quiet place to regroup is just what the doctor ordered. Spending time in a green space reduces stress and promotes creative thinking.

chill zones

Add Water Elements

Even the smaller outdoor space can support a well placed water feature. The soothing sounds of trickling water are a great way to wash away the stresses of a long day.

outdoor water feature
water feature

Kick that water feature up a notch with river rocks and rustling bamboo. A few extra elements will create that oasis you’ve been dreaming of.

indoor outdoor living

I hope I have inspired you to make the most of your outdoor space. Let’s bring nature into our homes and our home life out into nature.


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