After the hibernation of a long winter we turn our attention to the sunshine and much needed Vitamin D. In celebration of spring, today I bring you outdoor living design ideas to play with as you step outside and enjoy the abundance of the season.

Here Comes the Sun…

One easy way to welcome the sun is by simply drawing back those curtains/blinds and allowing those pops of color and spring illumination to brighten your space. And if you have an indoor/outdoor fireplace, you’re golden because, while spring’s sunshine nourishes us all, it still gets a little nippy in the evenings.

So today we’ll discuss some ideas for enjoying the outside of your home.  And as I’ve shared with you many times before, it starts with lifestyle…


When talking indoor/outdoor space, you must consider both lifestyle and how you want to sink into your space. You’ll want to consider, ‘how busy you are, will your outdoor space be a place to just take in quick moments of fresh air or do you see yourself enjoying lengthy time outside reconnecting with nature? Will you be entertaining frequently? Or (my personal favorite) will this be a place for meditation, outdoor yoga and taking in some quiet outdoor reading? You can see my point. 

The Fireplace…

Nothing creates a sense of ‘seamlessness’ more than an indoor/outdoor fireplace. They become an outdoor focal point that brings people together in a warm embrace. It also brings that romantic, elegant aesthetic to your outdoor get-togethers! It’s absolutely perfect for outdoor evening entertainment. So If you happen to be adding a room with a fireplace, consider a two-sided fireplace that brings something extra special to your outdoor living. Keep in mind that all types of outdoor fireplaces (gas or wood burning) require regular maintenance. I came across a great resource worth reading to help you get clear on maintaining your gorgeous outdoor fireplace. Link Here

The Sunroom…

The Sunroom permits an abundance of sunlight and usually has a great view of the gardens (or pool) They’re about having an outdoor experience, inside, or partly indoors. As with any room, when either adding or redesigning a Sunroom, the things to consider are; location, size, focal points, view, lifestyle, and color scheme, I particularly love when a Sunroom serves as an extension of its adjoining room.

Sunny Chill Zones…

The ultimate great outdoor space will feature both areas to congregate and areas to get quiet and contemplate in. Spending time in a green space reduces stress and promotes creative thinking.

I recommend including a fountain near your relaxation area. The soothing sounds and vitamin D are incredible stress releasers. I recently came across this wonderful HGTV post on gorgeous water features for your yard that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I highly recommend it. Link Here.

Enjoy your spring! 

– Marcelle Guilbeau, 

Nashville Interior Designer
Soulful Living By Design

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