View of Dining Room with Orange Faux Grasscloth and Natural Grass Rug

The modern look with clean lines and stark tones is a tried and true décor standard but what if you are looking for a softer, homier approach?


This modern design does just that by layering in natural materials, organic prints, and global flair accessories amongst furniture with clean, retro-contemporary lines.


Dining Room with Faux Grasscloth Wallpaper

Living Room with Bold Yellow Damask Wallpaper

Warm and rich, this bold palette is thoroughly modernized by choosing cleaner, brighter versions of the vintage orange, yellow, and green we know so well.


View of Dining Room with Orange Faux Grasscloth and Natural Grass Rug

The faux grass cloth wallpaper in the dining room paired with warm wood furniture harkens back to midcentury style and sets the tone for the entire home.


View of Dining Room with Orange Faux Grasscloth and Tribal Accents

Graphic patterns and multicultural accessories inject the space with personality and tell the homeowners unique story.


Dining Room with Natural Linen Ripplefold Drapes

Heavy drapes darken and weigh a room down. We opted for flowy linen ripple-fold drapes in the dining room to soften the effect of the strong horizontal lines found in the wall paper.


Dining Room with Semi-Sheer Natural Linen Ripplefold Drapes

The layering of natural materials such as linen window treatments and sisal rugs add warmth and serve as a beautiful neutral foundation to the bold color palette.


Bright pops of warm colors by using bold yellow damask and deep orange faux grasscloth wallpaper

The sinuous and organic curves in the golden damask wallpaper in the living room echo the natural patterns seen elsewhere throughout the room while serving as the perfect counter-balance the horizontal lines present in the dining room.


Natural Linen Straight Roman Shade

Woven window coverings made from natural fabrics like linen, hemp, or raw silk give a room an earthy, organic look. These semi-sheer, roman shades are made from natural linen which allows daylight to warm the space while also addressing privacy needs.

Armchairs feature bold floral patterns in bright citrus colors

Abstracted leaf patterns on the throw pillows bring the outside in

The bright and citrusy floral pattern seen on the armchairs and the abstracted leaf patterns on the throw pillows all serve to bring the outside in.



By injecting the space with natural materials we created an atmosphere of homey comfort oozing with personality.

This look is rooted in the here and now but filled with an undeniable retro vibe.



All photos by Steven Long

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