The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and we’re feeling the much-welcomed vitamin D download of Spring. And with summer around the corner, the conversation is all about outdoor living spaces. — that additional square footage of your home.

If you have a California room, deck, porch, or courtyard, investing in the look and feel of these spaces can mean a much-utilized bonus living room, kitchen, or sacred space for contemplation. And with this year’s design trends, like biophilic elements, curved furniture, and natural materials being so grounding, who can resist bringing these elements in, or should I say, outside? As an aside note, I am not a designer devoted to the coming and going of trends, but this year they invite connection and soulful rest. And to that, I am a devotee.

Natural Materials

Wicker, and long-time outdoor furniture material staple, is having a moment in the sun with its curvier design this year. But whether you go with wicker or wood furniture, it’s all about fostering a connected earthy feeling. I recommend sticking to natural hues and minimal style for a restful, grounded aesthetic.

Being an advocate for sustainability, I recommend, The Good Trade which links you to brands that offer chic and gorgeous eco-friendly outdoor furniture pieces.

Wicker Furniture

Curved Furniture, Geometric Design Rug

Plant Life

Biophilia is about our inclination to be with nature. You might think that being outdoors is enough, but in terms of biophilic design, having potted plants says more — It says that you are actively engaged with nature… It also creates seamlessness between your home and your outdoor living space.

I pinned these to my Pinterest Board. I could not be more inspired!  The more, the happier…. 

Tranquil Colors

Noted by their colors of choice this year, popular color companies seem to be in agreement that this is the year of tranquility. October Mist (a silvery sage), Evergreen Fog (green-meets-gray, with just a bit of blue), and Periwinkle are ideal in keeping in line with a design style that is earthy, soft, and soothing.


A climate-fluid outdoor space is a space prepared for the changing weather conditions that come with outdoor living spaces.

An outdoor fireplace is an ideal solution for those chilly spring evenings. As with an indoor fireplace, you’ll want to arrange the flow of your outdoor furniture around this focal point — and cozy up. There are many outdoor fireplace options to consider, so I’m linking you to this great article that I came across in The Spruce. It features their best outdoor fireplace picks and information on the options based on the size of your space, propane or wood-burning, and other ends and outs.

If you don’t have a fireplace, you might consider a fire pit table with coordinating lounge chairs –a very posh solution ideal for entertaining, cozy conversation, and stargazing.


Outdoor Gas Fireplace

By the Pool

With record-breaking heat across America, we will certainly be living by the pool sooner rather than later. Again, the theme of self-care is fostered through rest and relaxation and a sense of being pampered. Think, The Hamptons lounging meets the Beverly Hills Resort and Spa, with all its boldness and elegance.  

Check out CB2 and World Market as great source for trendy and chic outdoor umbrella’s.  

Outdoor Sacred Space

More and more families are creating sacred spaces in their homes as a way of connecting within. It makes sense we’d want to venture outside, weather permitting, and create a dedicated area where we can commune with nature for our mental well-being. Consider a water feature nearby where the backdrop trickle of water creates the perfect atmosphere for yoga and meditation or quiet time…

Cheers to the coming sunshine months ahead! 

– Marcelle Guilbeau

Nashville Interior Designer
Soulful Living By Design

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