Còsagach rivals Hygge

Earlier this month, VisitScotland announced Còsagach, a Gaelic term that has evolved to mean snug and cozy, will rival Hygge’ the Danish idea of cozy. How do these differ? Well, Còsagach is in full bloom in the winter, which leans toward a snug, sheltered type of coziness. Hygge, however, is about warmth, cozy and relaxation. What this indicates is, simply, that we’re nowhere near done with a design style that stirs that cozy feeling.

So how does this translate into design? It so happens that Nashville is ahead of the trends as we have been doing rustic and cozy in elegant and surprising ways, for years! Below are some images of my some of my super cool Nashville clients’ homes, which exemplify warm and cozy.  

Cozy can show up in a lighter, airier version as in this favorite urban villa of a super stylish client with which my husband, architect David Baird and I worked.  An all-white plaster fireplace, rumpled linen slipcovered sofas, wrought iron vintage chandelier, dining right next to the fire – a vintage Irish pub table.

Cozy is as cozy does…

This Tudor home is one of my favorites, the result of working with a fabulously creative couple here in Nashville.  It is rustic, elegant and cozy.  A vintage kilim chair pulled up to a plaster fireplace, with reclaimed wood mantel, cobalt tile surround.

I love surprising things in a house, and when these clients said they had to have a Japanese Soaking Tub, I knew this was gonna be a treat! This master bath is no less cozy and warm – Japanese soaking tub in a wood surround, cobalt blue tile, deep blue velvet drape, rustic beam, silk pillow.

And here is the surprise that awaits in the master bedroom – a bedside fireplace clad in a vintage wood surround.

I think the essence of cozy is its elegant simplicity, in working with rustic elements and bringing the outdoors in.

In this kitchen, my client wanted me to “banish the brown” in all the wood trim. All we did was repaint the window frames a pale mossy green, one of my clients’ favorite colors. It did something magical. It pulled the outdoors in! See how the greenery just flows in from the outside? Then we added some creamy linen relaxed roman shades to the windows, and they just catch the sunset just right, as if savoring the moment.  And that is just what you want to do in this elegantly cozy kitchen bar – savor the moment. 

The essence of Hygge or Còsagach is a Soulful Home. Whatever you choose to call it, it is a space that creates a moment you want to savor.

Also, Houzz, my number one featured digital design hub (other than this website) just released its predictions for 2018, and Business Insider broke it down for us. I can already see these inspired cozy elements coming in. You’ll notice more color, and more ‘cozy.’ Here’s the link.

Finally, here’s a link to my Còsagach pinboard where I’ll be offering more examples of cozy lifestyle design if you care to follow.

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