Our clients come to us with unique tastes and interests.  They are seeking ways to discover and express their individual style in their homes or through their business brands.

In the discovery phase, Marcelle explores your passions, tastes, and lifestyle.  Through site visits and deep listening, she captures how you would like your space to feel.  The discovery of these key insights will empower you to transform your environment into an expression that represents the true heart and soul of its purpose.


Shifting from discovery to collaboration, Marcelle establishes the building blocks of your project.  These foundational elements could be anything from the main furniture pieces in a room to a well-laid-out kitchen. 

During your collaborative sessions, Marcelle loosely presents options that speak to the project framework while incorporating your distinctive tastes and needs.  Together you will experiment, mix and match, and even incorporate new ideas. Marcelle deftly guides you through the experience, which culminates in a fully-formed vision you can see, and leaves you saying, “I know this is right.”


Moving from collaboration to implementation, Marcelle and her team shepherd your project, from proposal to completion.  Marcelle takes a “layer by layer” approach to design implementation:  installing the building blocks; then “layering” on the finishing touches, such as artwork and accessories.  This intentional process allows you time to respond to the space and continue to make it yours.  Marcelle supports you throughout the planning and execution of these final touches, easing your transition into your new space. The end result is a destination that embodies your own passions, purpose, and personal aesthetics.


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