Mid Century Nostalgia…

I’ve recently completed a project for NIIDO in Nashville, a design project that is bringing ‘retro & cozy’ to hospitality while evoking fun to a visitors experience. Armed fresh with this in mind, today I’m writing about the ‘retro design trend’ that is expected to stay strong throughout 2019! 

So, if you’re desiring to bring a bit of retro into your space, the first sensibility you want to evoke nostalgia… And below are a few tips to getting it right. 

NIID Nashville powered by Airbnb

NIID Nashville powered by Airbnb

Early American…

In many cases when we speak of ‘retro design,’ the most common go to is mid-century modern. But today we’re also seeing a rebirth of Early American, in particular, Ranch-Style design – which was common for many years past the war era…  Key elements include: Paneling, brick fireplaces with colonial-style molding, painted over cabinets, open shelves, Americana wallpaper, plaid, and traditional prints, and heirloom pieces from… Colonial days!

Nicola Tyson’s Farmhouse – Elle Decor

Mid-Century Modern…

The 1950’s mid-century modern was a time when life moved slower, voice conversation (not text) was our mode of connection and we gathered around tiny little black and white TV’s. Aesthetically, we were drawn to ideas of the future, progress (moon landing influences), smooth lines and a sense of minimalism (yet still sensual).

by Richard Moschella & Steven Roberts – Elle Decor

A Touch of Elegance…

Elegance was about the uniqueness of your lighting or exemplified by wall coverings.  We were drawn to patterns in a variety of ways, meant to complement the overall design. And furniture and accessories often matched our walls, throws, or rugs. It was easy to see the color pallet full on.  

 Giovanna Randall’s NYC apartment – Elle Decor

As with any period, it’s not about copying that time exactly, rather paying a nod to it. Today’s trends are all about bucking trends and doing so in a way that compliments your personal soul style. So just start by understanding the features of the Mid-century, the history, the influences and the nostalgia you want to capture.  Ask yourself why it moves you in particular ways so that that sensibility is evoked. I recommend simply finding some vintage piece that really speaks to you, and layering around that one feeling. 

Marcelle Guilbeau, 

Nashville Interior Designer
Soulful Living By Design

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