Custom furnishings are a great way to showcase your home’s unique personality without sacrificing comfort or function.

You can utilize custom furnishings when:

• converting a commercial space for private use
• restoring an older home
• solving an architectural dilemma
• building your dream home from the ground up


If you don’t think custom furniture is right for you, here are three reasons to change your mind:



Reclaimed Wood Floors and Mantle

Custom furnishings are the choice when eco-friendly is a priority. Handmade furnishings are made of high quality materials that are often found and produced locally with an emphasis on using reclaimed and organic components.



Guilbeau-Baird Couch

Older/historic homes were built to different proportions then newer builds and modern retail furnishings may not fit the space. In addition, people are not one size fits all – furniture that doesn’t fit your body is uncomfortable. Choosing custom furnishings is a great way to have a piece designed to fit the exact dimensions of your space or body!



Recovered Heirloom Furniture

The most common disincentive for choosing custom over retail is cost. However, it’s important to remember that the value of furnishings is not determined by price alone. A consideration often neglected is that although a retail piece may cost less up front, the replacement costs add up when it’s not made to last. High-quality, custom-made furnishings that are designed to fit the needs of your family and your living space will stand the test of time and ultimately save you money.


– marcelle


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