So if you weren’t at the Jalan-Jalan Preview Party on Saturday, you missed the best party…..

Owner Caye David had her latest imports from Indonesia on display, paired with colorful splashes of expressionist painting by artist Sargam Griffin.   That’s Caye, lower left, with Sargam next to her…..

Sargam’s works were stunning in and of themselves.  Here she is next to my favorite piece – “The Economy” – very free and spontaneous – which I must have for the front entry of my design studio someday…..

Ben Collins, owner of our Nashville Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams store, chose this painting of hers, as his favorite piece…..

Her work added color and energy to the more serene, natural palette of the Indonesian furniture.  Ben’s favorite painting paired nicely with these stone stools and table, which would do nicely in some resort setting – as would the artwork…..

One of my favorite guys over at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Ian May, had a favorite artwork too – this abstract floral…..

“It’s happy and sunny, ” he explained.  Which made me laugh – cause that describes Ian to a T!

Another one of my favorite people, Julie Hullett, Concierge, was there too…..

Her favorite piece was this chair – and the carved table – and the huge carved panel behind it.  She thought the chair looked inviting – was surprised to find it was comfortable too.

And a detail of the panel…..

My friend and interior designer Mark DeMayo was there too.  His favorite piece was this wooden coffee table…..

…..for the rustic character in the wood.

And this huge canopy bed stole the show…..

Kim Ivey, an accountant whom I met at the party, called it her favorite thing, because it was luxurious in size,  yet could serve a casual lounge or sleeping need so practically.  I’d say luxurious, yet practical is something you see over and over again with this Indonesian furniture…..

The canopy bed was festooned with wonderful textiles…..

Artist Deanie French, who teaches at Art & Soul, and I vied for this teal patterned one as our favorite.  If she doesn’t take it, I could maybe put it up on a large wall somewhere in my house…..

But I don’t know – I might need the pillows too…..

This stone carved Buddha was Bill Owens’ favorite piece.  Bill has been a faithful follower of Caye’s Indonesian imports since she first opened 15 years ago, and has fitted his entire house out with the stuff!

But apart from the blue tapestry (for my house), “The Economy” painting (for my studio foyer), and the stone stools and table (for the spa I want to design one day), I had a favorite…..

…..this bench sofa.  So simple and happy.  Love the detail carved on the panel…..

“Jalan-Jalan” means “I’m just going for a walk” in Indonesian.  And I felt I had indeed “just gone for a walk” – stepping back in time to a place slower and more serene….. If you need a little bit of “practical luxury” and serenity in your life, this Nashville gem is not to be missed.

Jalan-Jalan is located at 2503 Winford Avenue in Nashville, TN, and is open Wednesday through Saturday, 10 to 5.  Check out their website at

Sargam Griffin’s exhibit, East Meets West, will be on display at Jalan-Jalan through December 15th.

– marcelle




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