A recent trip to the shops in Leiper’s Fork set my imagination roaming, and got me hankering for the days when life was simpler…..

First stop, the furniture and decor shop, Serenite Maison.

These pendant lights in the storefront just want a dreamy corner near a chaise…..

I could easily see one of these porch swings, hanging whimsically from the store’s rafters, on one of my clients’ porches…..

These tablecloths are happy, and unusual…..

…..tablecloth detail…..

Alex, the owner, says these vintage industrial tables get used a lot in screened porches, or party barns (very popular in Leiper’s Fork)…..

Never caught sight of the “pickers” that come by during random times of the day, have been since before Serenite Maison was born.

Alex says she will be hauling in lots of new picks from France, Italy and Texas come early October.  Will have to come back…..

Next stop, an art gallery called Old Natchez House…..

Lest you think it’s all traditional stuff, think again.  Laurel Nash, who runs the gallery, and is a fine jewelry artist herself, says these Country chic variations on a Warhol, by Norb Skalksi, show up at trendy condos in Downtown Nashville…..

And here’s a lovely one of the traditional pastoral variety, by the well known Franklin artist Wanda Wright…..

The artwork is very well-priced, too, I might add.

Last but not least, for those who miss real book stores, Yeoman’s in the Fork…..

This porch swing at the entrance just beckons you to grab a book and a cup of tea, and take a load off…..

Although it is a nationally reknown internet source for extremely rare vintage books, there is actually a lot of variety in there, including a great assortment of current hardback history books…..

Even something for me – Breakfast at Tiffany’s!  Mike Cotter, the store’s director, informed me that not all of the vintage books are that pricey, some of them selling for $10…..

And here was the surprise find of the day…..

…..a lovely cream and pale blue antique map of the Mississippi River…..

a set of two…..would make a great piece of artwork in a boy’s room (Liam’s!), or a sun room…..

…..I may be back sooner than I think….. 🙂


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