6 ways to use reclaimed wood in your home

Reclaiming old wood give new life to precious resources. Even better, it’s gorgeous and give your home that “old soul” look and feel (whether it’s true or not.)

Here are 6 ways to incorporate reclaimed wood into your home:

1. your kitchen island

reclaimed wood island

kitchen island made from pallets

read more about this island and the story behind it in this blog post.


2. reclaimed wood feature wall

reclaimed wood art wall

reclaimed wood feature wall behind entertainment center

I love the varying wood patinas and textures in this wall.

3. custom made furniture

custom made reclaimed wood and steel coffee table

This coffee table was made by the talented Tom Ferris of Harpeth River Furniture

4. fireplace mantel

reclaimed wood mantel

reclaimed wood mantel

reclaimed antique fireplace mantle

It doesn’t have to be salvaged barn wood. This vintage fireplace mantel adds loads of charm to this home while adding nothing to a landfill.

5. reclaimed wood floors

reclaimed wood floors at plowboy records

reclaimed wood flooring in artists studio

6. open shelving for the kitchen

shelf with wooden peg

Open rustic shelving in kitchen. Cobalt blue subway tile.




7. exposed beams

exposed wooden beams - boho room

Maybe this list will inspire you to go out and dismantle a barn. If not you can always check out my blog post – the ultimate cheat sheet to nashville reclaimed wood.


photo credits

1 and 8 by Nicholas McGinn

4, 6, and 9 by Steven Long

7 and 10 by Ashley Segroves

12 and 13 by Matt Muller


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