Renovation update: The dumpster is gone, and we’re awaiting our lovely furniture.

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been in the trenches of renovating my dream home. With that, the many unexpected challenges of this year, and at the heels of Christmas, the notion of traditional, over the top, sparkly holiday decor just doesn’t feel congruent. Thus, one big question had been tugging on me, what will Christmas feel like for us in 2020? 

Renovation or not, it’s become clear to me that I’m not the only one who is sitting with this inquiry. Many of us are feeling called toward something a little more — minimal.  

Inspirational simplicity…

As is my way, I dove into my Pinterest Boards and found a plethora of inspirational ideas on natural and simplistic holiday decor. Three easy ways to display this simplicity is:  

  • Tree: Go with a smaller tree and skip on the ornaments (lights only at best).
  • Fireplace: Think ivory candles around your heart and garland and acorns, sparsely, atop your home’s focal points. 
  • Tables: Holly and twigs in on your vase, tray, or added to your centerpiece.

A Winterized Surprise…

Undoubtedly, when one ponders something long enough with the heart, it aligns and shows up in one’s path (to my delight). Having recently finished a project with some furniture, decor, and styling, I returned to my client’s home to find it “winterized” for the holidays. And they truly got this simplistic, minimalistic decor just right. So, I’m proudly showcasing it here for you.

I found it utterly charming. It’s all about keeping it natural and straightforward.

Dining Room…

Centerpiece gently blends with the soft decor. Bespoke bench by Marcelle Guilbeau Interior Design with Brunswig & Fils velvet brocade fabric.


Berries added to the wood-carved vase, from Ten Thousand Villages – a fair trade shop, alongside a green wreath and tall copper candle holders — simple, natural, and balanced. 

Living Area: Drapes by Grizzell and Mann

Cozy Corner…

Ikat linen drapes, custom chair, basket for changing shoes. 

The bespoke chair’s fabric was hand blocked on linen from the Marika Meyer collection – one of my favorite fabric companies.

The burnt gold velvet pillow on the custom chair is one we designed for our client’s back door “mud room moment”: By Kevin Obrien Studio

We procured the basket from Epergne, right here in Nashville.

Handmade Vases…

Minimal natural grasses in handmade vases. The wintery natural bark ornament placed on the window sill makes it seasonal.


Pottery bowls by Pilos Clay Art. Swap out grass whisp for ‘Greenery for the Season.’


Splice red holly into your perennial decor. Here my client has tucked it into the branches of this natural brass koala sculpture. Adorable!

Above all else, it truly is about connecting to the heart and soul of life through the season. And I find that a natural, simple and minimal aesthetic, is the perfect response to Christmas 2020.

I’m looking forward to 2021 and wishing you all a very Soulful Holiday-

Marcelle Guilbeau
Nashville Interior Designer
Soulful Living By Design

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