Traditionalist, more so than any other design soul style, are family and community-minded individuals. They tend to be people who deeply appreciate connection and history. And so, when it comes to dwelling spaces, they favor vintage homes, towns, farms, or parts of a city.  In the spirit of spending more time outdoors and appreciating the season, today’s post is a nod to the front porch, and what’s great about them. After all, what’s more traditional, or American, than a front porch? 

The Soul of a Porch…

So why is the porch so special? It is intrinsically a place of gathering and welcoming. It invites you in and embraces you. It literally generates community and connection. It says,“come and stay a while,”  — And it’s a place to sit and greet, and be greeted. 

A front porch is as much a part of the neighborhood as it is a part of the house. Even the front porch of an estate that is a little set back from the road says, “Come and stay a while.”  This inviting and grounding, this rootedness is very much the “style” of the Traditionalist.

The Open porch is the type most of us think of when we think of a porch. It often has wide steps leading to the porch. They’re just perfect for welcoming friends and sitting for outdoor tea. 

The Wraparound Porch is mainly seen in older homes. They literally wrap around at least one corner and invite a stroll around the house — and a better view of the neighborhood.

Small Porch…

A porch, unlike a patio or deck, is attached to the design of the home. And a smaller porch, like any porch, is still an extension of the home’s interior. It greets your guests and offers your homes first impression — Go for beauty and simplicity, keeping furnishings to scale.

Back Porches… 

The back porch is also a Traditionalist’s haven. The back porches can be very long and deep, the better to acommodate a large dining table for entertaining. 

With French doors all along, you can just walk out onto the outdoors and greet the day.

Screened in Porch…

If you have been following my Soulful Home Blog for a while, you will recall that the Traditionalist – particularly the Practical Traditionalist – prefers “rooms” to be cozy and meant for what they are. No open plan for them! But a cozy screened porch acts as the Traditionalist’s “outdoor room,” with an expansive view of the outdoors from the comforts of a cozy outdoor sofa or two.

– Marcelle Guilbeau, 

Nashville Interior Designer
Soulful Living By Design

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