The Maximalism Momentum…

Going forward into the New Year, we are seeing “maximalism” – the idea that more is more, gaining momentum. This may seem a bit of a departure from the Hygge/Cosegach of recent years, but there is a common thread, and that is: Warmth and luxury.

( Image 1. ‘Maximalism’ inspiration via

(Image 2. ‘Cosegach’ style via Maraya Interior Design)

Rich textures wrapping the walls, opulent fabrics wrapping decadent upholstery, and lots of shimmering lighting. Rich woods, stones, and warm palettes.  Maximalism is a natural home for the Traditional-Sensualists among us. The layering, as we’ve discussed before, is perfect for the sentimental collectors among us. The sheer luxury of every surface is definitely one for the savorer of the moment. (Image 1 & 2)

Maximalism and the Modernist…

However, even if you are a minimalist (read Modern-Practical Soul Style), ‘maximalism’ can help balance the room with a little sensuality – in the total envelopment of color-saturated walls, the drama of a feature wall, or the bold luxury of, say, one statement built-in seat at a breakfast nook. (Image 3 & 4)

(Image 3. A maximalist-minimalist breakfast nook via

(Image 4.  A maximalist-minimalist hand-stenciled cream & gold feature wall by studioGUILBEAU)

2019 Color of the Year…

( Image 5. Color of the year, Interior Design for Niido AirB&B by Marcelle Guilbeau)

(Image 6. Elle Décor’s Color of the Year photo)

Fittingly, the Pantone color of the year for 2019 is ‘Living Coral’ – a warm and vibrant, energetic and dramatic color.  While we didn’t know it (nor did our Niido AirB&B clients), we’ve been headed this way ourselves. 

Bringing in Living Coral to your space, either as a featured wall or via accents will certainly shift the vibe and bring ‘life’ to your space. Consider Living Coral on velvet accent chairs, pattern pillows or furry throws. This is one of those colors you can creatively move ‘outside the lines’ with. I just love it!  

More to Watch For…

Here are a few other design trends to watch in the coming year:

  • Rich jewel tones and pops of color
  • Sustainable, artisan, vintage pieces
  • The boho vibe lives on
  • Curved furnishings
  • Geometric and tribal patterns
  • Classic Kitchens
  • Metallics in every form

So what to make of this seeming mishmash of everything, all textures and warmth, and color saturation?  Clearly, drama, warmth and luxury, and lots of it are everywhere. Breathe, everyone – particularly you minimalists. There is room for everyone here – even plenty of trends which don’t involve too much color or too much “more”.

(A maximalist but neutral study in metallic contrast and shimmering lighting: Answer Restaurant in my Nashville neighborhood. Image via Marcelle’s iphone) 

(Image 8. A maximalist but subtle use of pattern. Kitchen tile: studioGUILBEAU. via Marcelle’s iphone)

So what is the sentiment – what is the underlying thread of it all?  Well here is a hint: The trends are about working with “layers” (after you’ve worked out “building blocks”).  Tune in to our next series of blogs on how to “work with these trends” – starting with “maximalism”.  Until then, just remember: The trends are for you to play with, not to be defined by 😊

What trends are you seeing these days? 

– Marcelle Guilbeau, 

Nashville Interior Designer
Soulful Living By Design

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