There was a time when wallpaper reminded us of grandma’s stuffy home. But if you’ve been keeping up with design trends, you’ll know that’s completely changed now. 2016 marked a resurgence of wallcovering and it’s even more alive, bold and fun in 2018. I can’t tell you how excited I get when a client of mine opts for this design layer.

What’s ‘Soulful’ about Wallpaper?

You might ask,“what’s soulful about icing?” Well, for example, let’s say you’re a woman going to work in that simple black dress in sensible flats. But you think, “There’s more to me than just a good corporate working girl. And besides, I have that party to go to afterward.” So you throw on some deep purple lace tights and drop a choker in your purse for later. You’re giving the world somewhat of a peek into who you are on the inside: Fun, playful, but hard-working and serious when needed.

Today we have a different take on wallpaper from what we experienced in yesteryear. It’s become something more than the staple application of stripes or damasks at the foyer or above the wainscot in the dining room. Wallpaper today is optional and so it’s become that added layer, an accessory, that speaks to aspects of who you are. This is how wallpaper can be soulful — In home design, it’s one of the purest expressions of your personal aesthetic… And the selections available today are to drool over!

Custome wallpaper design by New Hat 

When selecting your wallcovering…

When selecting your wallcovering, there are a few things I invite you to keep in mind…

The wallpaper you select will affect the feel and size of the room. It can make it appear bigger, smaller, warmer or cooler and at times, it can help camouflage some flaws, which is a big plus…

Let’s start with size: The design of the wallpaper will either add or subtract from the feel of the room. So just keep the following in mind; Geometrics patterns with layered design, as well as smaller floral prints, with cooler backgrounds, can make a room appear larger.  And larger-scale prints evoke a more intimate feel. And if you happen to have an emptier room (little furnishings), go with larger patterns. It will be dramatic and fill in the room. 

Color and Tone: Softer tones invite calmness, while the bolder colors feel more intense and draw out excitement. And warm hues bring out, well, that warmth and cozy sense. For more on what colors speak to you, April blog here.

Let it speak to you…

As with most layers, wallpaper does not have to be selected at the outset of arranging or the completion of a room. This is one of the best places where “waiting” to get everything in, and then reacting to it, and bringing the wallpaper in as needed, makes sense. (please see my blog on letting the layering speak to you)


Wall Paper: Anthropology


Wallpaper for the Traditionalist

As mentioned in previous blogs, traditionalists are individuals that hold an appreciation for history, tradition, family, and artifacts. For these individuals, wallpaper selections such as the choice of this guest bathroom mural wallpaper, allows them to tell a story and transport their guests to the great outdoors. 


Wallpaper for the Modernist…

Modern design is, by definition, the antithesis of traditional, which is rich in texture, tone, woods, carvings, etc.  For the modernist, it’s all about minimalism and clean lines. So when it comes to wallcovering, think in terms of evoking a sense of space. One great wait way of bringing this about through wallpaper is to select something clean with lightly reflective chrome and soft undertones that can make it appear cold.  It fits wonderfully with modern design’s aim of moving away from the sense of a “busy” space. 

Bradley USA, Sisal Grasscloth with Paper Backed Metallic Foil, color Zodiac

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect wallcovering and then misapplying it.  Especially for the modernists whose minimal and clean selections are somewhat unforgiving to flawed walls. In such a case, I strongly recommend hiring a professional.  But if you’re brave, confident and resolute, take a look at this wonderful link for the design enthusiast who is brave enough to tackle their own walls. Wallpaper DIY 

And for a little inspiration, I’ve taken the time to select some of my favorites wallcoverings and created a Pinterest board just for you.  Enjoy!

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