The Good Life

French culture is synonymous with “the good life.” Their homes and lives revolve around food, family, and fun. There is an air of mystique and natural confidence that permeates a French home. French style exudes an unstudied casual elegance that mingles with quiet confidence only found in homes that truly reflect the taste and personality of its occupants.

French Style

My home state of Louisiana is the closest thing to French culture one is likely to find in America, and my love of the French way of living was born there.

I learned at an early age that hospitality and graciousness are the cornerstones of Southern Culture. Louisianan’s, in particular, have a great love for togetherness and all aspects of daily living are injected with a decidedly French way of being, and simply an open armed embrace of “The Good Life.”

The Good Life

Three Surprising French Style Secrets You Can Make Your Own

These three tips will help you achieve a welcoming home full of the unique style and grace you thought only the French were capable of creating.

build a timeless and classic base

Create a Timeless and Classic Base to Build Upon

wardrobe staple

Like building a good wardrobe, the little black dress or blazer is a wardrobe staple. A well-selected wardrobe basic will last you for years to come. Because it is timeless, it will not “date itself,” allowing you to build on it, and free you up to enjoy the trends as they come and go. The French understand the importance of quality furniture that transcends the trends. They are the canvas upon which you layer your personal style as it evolves.

Take Your Time

Simmer the Sauce

The French (and Louisiana’s) know that a delicious sauce or roux takes time to develop. We don’t rush through dinner – we enjoy the company, the ambiance, the food, the wine. Similarly, you can’t rush a room. Learn to let the room speak to you and don’t forget to listen to your own unique style voice. Remember that a room full of gorgeous and intriguing objects that make you feel alive will always go together.


Embrace Your Wrinkles

No really, if you truly want to live a life that is infused with the indomitable French spirit, stop aiming for perfect. To create that alluring, relaxed, French vibe you must – well – relax a little. Don’t throw out great-grand mere’s understand that a family antique carries a weight that grounds a room – even if it has a few scratches.

The French home proclaims to all guests “I love these things” not “These things match.” Cultivating this atmosphere is a big part of creating a Soulful Home.


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