As we move into the last quarter of the year, the changes we’ve seen in design trends 2018 could not be clearer. Soon to exit are violet, indigo, overly extreme minimalism and even trend chasing. What’s stronger than ever? Bold color and texture… and with that, a revival in tapestry.

The design world is rediscovering the joys of storytelling through antique tapestry. And much like we saw with the resurgence of wallcovering, new tapestries boast bold designs and a mix of patterns that accentuate design aesthetic. The colors, textures, and artistry bring a sense of culture to any living space.

I’ve put together a Pinterest board with a plethora of inspired tapestry for you.  Below are some of my absolute favorites.

Antique tapestry, modern, sleek room and white and black butterfly-style chair.

Vase Of Wonder Tapestry brings a delicate aesthetic. It’s gorgeous! 

What was I saying about bold color? Well I’m loving the French charm here.

This wall hanging mandala tapestry ideal for that Bohemian aesthetic. 

Bold floral tapestry for the retro sensualist soul style,

Bold Bohemian inspired design featuring this delicate patterned tapestry

“I came across Society6, as an amazing source for tapestries with selections to satisfy every one of the Soul Styles.  Best of all, Society6 supports artists and offers affordable art of many sizes and shapes with the same patterns in pillows for a totally layered effect. We’re currently doing this for my air b&b units for Niido, at the Olmstead in Nashville TN.  I highly recommend you click the link and let the inspiration flow.

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