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Check out me and David and Liam’s own little house and studio being featured in Apartment Therapy’s Hot House Tour today!

Dining Room Opens Onto Outdoor Patio with Fountain

Enough said.  Enjoy!

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Vision Boards for 2020

What will define our era? Can you believe it's been 100 years since the roaring ’20s?  It was a glamorous decade for sure, and the heyday of interior designers that gave birth to Modernism, Bauhaus and Art Deco...   It makes this designer ponder how the new...

Holiday Styling 2019

Traditional and modern are, for me, the two primary design soul styles with “practical” and “sensual” being the two secondary design “soul styles.”  I’ve covered this extensively throughout the years. Today I thought I’d touch on how these are seen in...

A Nature Inspired Thanksgiving

California Sunset Color Inspiration... As we narrow the autumn focus to Thanksgiving table decor, I’m still contemplating the changing of the seasons, the beauty of nature, and how we can be inspired by it in our seasonal decorating... I’m in fact, still...

Autumn Aesthetic 2019

We want to give our homes a nod to autumn, but we don't want to inadvertently move into Thanksgiving, Right? Today's blog is about easy ways to bring that autumn aesthetic into your home without falling into that holiday decor trap. Colors Palette... There...

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