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Check out me and David and Liam’s own little house and studio being featured in Apartment Therapy’s Hot House Tour today!

Dining Room Opens Onto Outdoor Patio with Fountain

Enough said.  Enjoy!

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Dream Home

The building or renovating of a dream home isn’t for the faint of heart. It also is important to keep your perspective. The home is an outer reflection of who you are and where you are in life. It can change a lot, even after you have created that magnificent dream home.

How to do Eclectic Design

Anyone that has ever worked with me, or spent time reading my blog, knows that a big part of my work is helping clients identify their unique design style, or what I call their Soul Style. I have a process that allows them to get very clear on whether they are traditionalists, modernists, sensualists, or practicalist at heart. (You can learn more about that process here). Today, however, I am going to discuss an additional design style that is unique and fun, and that can be integrated into all four soul styles — And so enters, Eclecticism.

How to Keep Renovating Amid a Financial Crisis

As we navigate the unchartered waters of 2020, we’re faced with big decisions about what is an essential undertaking vs what is non-essential. Home Renovations can fall under both these categories, and as such, there’s a lot to consider. And so I was...

Sacred Spaces

Unsettling times... Today, whether it's due to the strain of social distancing, real health crises, or economic uncertainty, we are all in our homes, struggling to get comfortable. So today I am offering you some personal tips for grounding...

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