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Check out me and David and Liam’s own little house and studio being featured in Apartment Therapy’s Hot House Tour today!

Dining Room Opens Onto Outdoor Patio with Fountain

Enough said.  Enjoy!

xoxo marcelle

A Retro 50’s Pool Area

Black, White & Yellow: A Retro 50's Pool AreaWhat's cool about this? We took a blank slate of a concrete pool, patio and gave it an instant Retro - 50's vibe with this somehow sporty yet sexy black, white and yellow color palette. These canary...

The Traditional Porch

Traditionalist, more so than any other design soul style, are family and community-minded individuals. They tend to be people who deeply appreciate connection and history. And so, when it comes to dwelling spaces, they favor vintage homes, towns, farms, or...

Q & A with Keegan Fioravanti

Sustainability is a trend this year and I can't tell you how exciting this is for me. In fact, it’s so very dear to our hearts here at StudioGuilbeau, we make sure to integrate sustainability into every area of our work. There's nothing that ever gets...

5 things to Prepare for when Restoring a Historic Victorian Home

Sneak Peek:  Historic Victorian Home Kitchen Renovation Historic register Victorian house in historic Murfreesboro, TN just off the main square. This Victorian home was previously a bed and breakfast. We're currently gutting it...

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