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A few months ago, I was approached by James Swann of the Million Dollar Decorating Podcast to join him on his show. I’m not familiar with the world of pod-casting so I had to do a little research.

I was immediately impressed by his vision for his interior design podcast, the first of its kind:

“As the first podcast devoted to the worlds of design, decorating and beautiful living we feature interviews with the world’s leading designers, decorators, architects and artisans.  Life-style leaders engage in unguarded conversation, reveal behind-the-scenes sources of inspiration and share stories that inspire and motivate homemakers around the world to make their home more beautiful.”

I must admit i felt more than a little trepidation at the prospect of an interview. His alumni of interviewees is full of successful and talented designers so I was very flattered to have been asked but was I really ready to enter the mysterious world of “podcasts”?

Soon after, I attended the Design Bloggers Conference in LA and had the opportunity to hear James speak. I realized then he was offering me an amazing opportunity and with the excitement of the conference as a “wind beneath my wings”

So – I decided to “jump!”

The Beverly Hilton

I am so glad I did! His questions were both engaging and thought provoking. They provided me with some wonderful moments of introspection and reminiscing.

A Few Teaser Questions from the 29 Minute Podcast

  • What’s the best part of the work you do?
  • What would our listeners be most surprised to find in your home?
  • What is the best decorating advice you’ve ever received?
  • If your home caught fire today and you could save one item what would it be and why?

This was such a great experience and I hope each of you enjoy it. Let me know how you think I did. If you have any questions for me that James didn’t cover – feel free to submit them here!

-happy listening!

My Podcast Debut: Million Dollar Decorating

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