The Layering Process…

Layering in home design is the process of bringing your pieces (elements) together to emphasize the aesthetic of your unique design.  It’s what personalizes your soul style.  I’ve been covering design layers for the greater part of the year, from layering tables, light and wall coverings to more. Today we move on to Linens, Plaids, Furs, and Velvets!  

Layering with Linens…

Regardless of your soul style, you can achieve that sumptuous bed by layering your blankets, duvets, quilts, and throws, along with layered pillows.  If you’re opting for sheets or blankets with patterns, fold your duvet in thirds at the foot of the bed and perhaps opt for one with a different texture, pattern or color. It’s all about softening the look, particularly as we move toward winter and crave all things cozy.

This is a wonderful example by NextLuxury which you’ll also find pinned on my board below. 

Layering with Fur…

Keeping with a luscious thread here, fur is one sure way to bring cozy opulence to a cold stark contemporary space.  And naturally, faux fur will appeal to those of us that want to remain animal-conscious. 

Note: unlesss you’re a sensualist, you won’t want to ‘fur out!’  It’s more about touches especially adept at making a cold space cozier.

Layering with Velvet…

For a long time, velvet was synonymous with luxury and stuffiness (or shall we say stiffness). Today, with fabric technologies, this has changed and we’re seeing a velvet revival in response to the cozy trend that wants to embrace warmth and opulence too. It’s simply a wonderful option. 

If you’re not wanting to commit to velvet in a big way, such as above feature velvet sofa, I recommend pops of velvet like this blue throw with accent pillows.

Layering with Plaids…

We’re now in autumn and nothing says autumn like sitting by the fire with your plaid blankets or pillows — It’s plaid season and time to layer it into our designs.

While plaid says ‘traditional’ remember that it can fit into a modern space by keeping with neutral tones.

Came across wonderful examples on Jayme Esrp’s blog, which I also added to my pinterest board below. 

Layering Inspirations…

I put together a Pinterest Board featuring some of my favorite sources for pillows, throws, and beddings. Among them: Ryan Studio (throw pillows), Ralph Lauren (fabrics for masculine layers) Amity Home (bedding, throws, pillows) Pinecone Hill (bedding, throws, pillows) Dash & Albert (throws, pillows) Enjoy!

Marcelle Guilbeau, 

Nashville Interior Designer
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