Personal home holiday decorating is often a last-minute endeavor for many designers. What with the end-of-the-year holiday beautifying of my clients homes, to completing renovations projects before December 25th! Even so, the anticipation of Christmas remains a joy for me. Getting ready, laying out heirlooms and whatever new thing called to me this year brings me warmth during this cold time of year. 

So here I am, Christmas around the corner, arranging some final touches of holiday decor to my new fireplace hearth. And I thought I’d bring you along to share in my process…

It all began this past weekend when visiting the Anthropology store where I came to check out the Amber Lewis selections. Went there to scope out some fuzzy socks and instead was showered with inspirational ideas for my fireplace hearth! 

This trio is pretty cool. With some greenery from the tree? I love the idea of a real leggy little fir tree in a basket, super Scando minimal ski lodge. But we all know I can’t keep plants alive! 

I brought them home and as you can see, it didn’t work. So I’ll be taking them back. Discovering something doesn’t work is still progress. This is the process and it brings clarity. And now, I’m considering pilfering from my usual dining room table arrangement. I want the height but I’m still not sure…

I moved on to “Targette.” Loved this bowel with the girthy candle. Thought it would be wonderful with some greenery. But no! My new elegantly simple limestone plaster fireplace rebuffs anything that isn’t of quality like an unwanted organ. However – the wood bowl does look pretty good; it’s just not the right scale.

I remembered these handmade artisan silver candlesticks we’ve had since our early days of marriage, from Margaret Ellis. I added the splicing in of evergreen from the tree, a traditional decorating trick I got from my German Midwestern mom, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s still not right. But we’re close! 

What if I tucked the greenery inside them? I got this Christmas bouquet to play with too. This is when I channel my grandmother, the avid florist. She’d be proud of me! The boxwood and berries are the perfect detail! Now i’ll just add to the original bouquet for the right side of the Hearth…   

Ta-dah!  So minimal! It’s exactly what the fireplace wanted! 

Below are some extra images that tie it all together. The Christmas tree in my living room is leggy and natural and German Tannebaum inspired!  And of course, my furry family member came by to offer his approval! 

Happy Christmas! 

– Marcelle Guilbeau

Nashville Interior Designer
Soulful Living By Design

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