So in case you didn’t know, the color du jour is gray.  Soft, dreamy gray.  A little cool, but warm enough to barely avoid melancholy.  While I tend to question blindly following the trends, all the same – in some settings – it just makes sense…..

…..when you have a bad-ass collection of Jennifer Quigley artwork which is its inspiration…..


…..when you have a clever idea to use unfinished canvas for a curtain divider…..


…..when you need to dream….. concentrate….. create…..


My friend Kimble Bosworth didn’t know she was headed for the gray du jour, when she asked me to help with her office remodel – renegades that we are.  However….. sometimes, what’s hot is……..

Kimble Bosworth is Nashville’s it girl to promote your company’s brand.  She also has a super cool office to match her branding savvy.  Call her for an appointment so you can check it out for yourself…..

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