Red Persian Rug Takes Center Stage

Foundations VS Layers

I often talk about establishing a timeless and classic base for your home first and then adding in the layers later after you have worked out the foundational purchases. That “base” is the larger furniture pieces in a room like a sofa and two chairs and they are usually the “showstoppers.” Then you move on to layers which can be anything from drapes to accessories or even rugs.


Rug Addiction

I am a self-confessed “rug addict.” Oushaks, Durries, Kilims, Persians, Moroccan rugs…its art to me. That’s why I have a hard time calling a rug a “Layer” – even though it is. For many clients, finding the right rug will take time and deliberation. The furniture may be in place for weeks or months, and that’s OK, because you can’t rush art!

Breaking The Rules

There is always the exception to the rule and the living room featured in this post is just such a case.

My client, a woman with Mediterranean roots, who’d spent time in Europe, wanted to achieve a blend of French Provincial and Mediterranean styles. She wanted “Persian rugs everywhere.”  When we renovated and opened up the room, we kept all the finishes soft and neutral, and she invested in these cream-colored sofas, all of which serve as backdrop to her rich, red Persians. The rug is the “showstopper” in this room so we planned the rest of the furnishings around it allowing it to take center stage.


Before you run out the door to buy your first rug make sure you measure your room AND the area you want the rug to cover. You are looking for a “Goldilocks” rug. Not too big. Not too small. Just Right.

Art & Design Rugs

Last month, to my extreme delight, an AHMAZING Rug House called Art & Design Rugs contacted me because they were interested in interviewing me for their blog. The owner is from Turkey and has put together a team of experienced weavers ready to disrupt the rug scene as we know it. They are offering handwoven rugs in both traditional and contemporary designs as well as custom designs by interior designers! Their thoughtful approach to the interview was a joy to participate in. I was asked about my personal style, what I do, and why I do it. Let me know what you think and while you are there be sure to check out the gorgeous rugs. I feel like a kid in a candy store on their site. If you see something you love – contact me – I’ll hook you up 🙂

More Rugs Please

If you can’t get enough rugs like me 🙂 we have put together a Pinterest board celebrating our love of rugs. Check it out!

Rug Addiction

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