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According to Elle Décor, one of the hottest trends to continue into 2019 is “90” white, 10% color.” One of the things my clients repeatedly ask of me is how to get that color in without compromising a “classic, timeless” feel. While for many, working with throw pillows and artwork may seem like a simple solution, it often takes time to get it to work right.  Instead, one of my favorite, relatively easy and quick moves to get that splash of color in there is – A bold, colorful rug. It also to creates an instant ‘cozy.

From Modern to Traditional…

The cool thing about “bold”, “colorful” and “rug” is that, while the formula is easy (just add a bold, colorful rug to an otherwise fairly neutral room!)  there are so many ways you can go with it: From modern to traditional, from solid to embellished, from vintage or antique to brand new pop art. Similarly, a cool, blue rug has a different feel from a warm, red rug, or – that still trendy hot pink… And finally, a rug being a “layer” and not a “building block,” you can change it out over time, as your tastes and lifestyle needs change.

We added this bright pop of turquoise overdyed vintage Oushak rug to this historic home with classic, timeless furnishings.  It instantly adds verve and interest. I love the way the pattern of these overdyed Oushaks adds mystique. A bold blue is very deep and meditative, relaxing, slightly casual… 

Here we have a classic white modern home, where we’ve added a similar turquoise overdyed vintage Oushak. It adds a bit of worn earthiness to what could otherwise feel a little hard edge. I REALLY love layering vintage rugs in modern spaces.

And here’s another modern home where we have layered a bold geometric blue, cream and grey rug (Flor) under the classic furnishings. It adds instant warmth, energy, and interest.

Or how about red? Take a classic, neutral modern setting and add a solid red rug – and you get instant warmth and cozy. Somehow, the solid red beneath the white furnishings adds drama. Red is warm but it is also dramatic and reads “rich” to me.  A bold red rug is great for formal entertaining.   

Take a red traditional Persian rug… It is a real classic. It reads a little softer than a solid red rug, especially in a traditional style home (it will read more dramatic in a modern home). It too can be formal but is really, really cozy. 

And finally, let’s not forget – hot pink! When mixed with other bright colors, as in these pop art Ouskak style rugs, hot pink is super fun and trendy!   You can play with the trends like this with an inexpensive rug.  After all, the trends are for you to play with – not to be defined by! 

Marcelle Guilbeau, 

Nashville Interior Designer
Soulful Living By Design

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