California Sunset Color Inspiration…

As we narrow the autumn focus to Thanksgiving table decor, I’m still contemplating the changing of the seasons, the beauty of nature, and how we can be inspired by it in our seasonal decorating…

I’m in fact, still buzzing from my fall visit to Southern California. Much like my home stomping grounds (Louisiana), it’s all about crisp, cooler air, big, mouthwatering sunsets and the aroma of a warming outdoor firepit in the air.  Even in these parts, you can sample the golds and reds associated with autumn.

Seasonal Colors …

So with all this rich color still swirling in my heart, I went to my fave shop, Color, for table decor accessories. They’re all decked out and ready for the fall and for the holidays. I loved most was how they combined nature with decor in such an artful and sometimes glamorous way.

The owner, Suzie, found me mulling over ideas to complete a client’s home – this time a huge kitchen island which doubles as a perfect extension of a formal dining room in a renovated Victorian home. Keep it simple, she recommends. As the dining room is very ornate, let the kitchen island play a classic, timeless supporting role with these neutrals.

We do have to have a little gold glam though. This placemat is actually a softly shimmering metallic taupe setting off the gold charger and white plate and neutral napkin. The plexiglass napkin ring has a little hole in it, which you can add seasonal sprigs to, such as fall leaves or berries for Thanksgiving, or a bit of evergreen or rosemary for Christmas.

Decor Ideas …

Vases: After that trip to Color, I first tried out these gold tinted mercury glass vases with silk flower bouquets, with a tiny bit of shimmer in them, along with a couple of my clients’ crystal clad votive candles. Nice, but not quite fall enough. They’re a little more winter season overall, maybe good for the Christmas season?
Centerpiece: We could, over the winter, add a few evergreen pieces such as these when the time is right. But for now, I am just bringing over some fall leaves to tuck in, for a little seasonal change.

Formal Table Setting … 

Here we have a very opulently set dining room, festively appointed for Thanksgiving and practically any other formal dining occasion. You’ll note the rose color accents on the table setting, a wink to that California sunset which was blazing with gradients of yellow-orange and rose.

Centerpiece: Here’s a closeup of the island arrangement (above). I felt after this initial install, that we needed to dress up the island a little bit to flow well with the formal dining room. As you can see, it has a lot going on even without the place settings.

Candle Holders…

Finally, in my odyssey through my clients’ collection of accessories to deck out the library along with some antique leather bound books, I came across these great big deer head candle holders. Which didn’t fit on any shelves, but I just couldn’t get over them!

I ended up bringing them to the kitchen and voila!  They work beautifully to “fall up” the kitchen. And easily add a little bit more gravitas to the counter, so that it doesn’t look lost next to the dining room spread.  I added a few fall colored sprigs to the arrangement as well, which can be easily removed, and a few red berries or silver leaves added for the winter.

Kitchen Reveal… 

A sneak peek – Here’s a wider view of the kitchen remodel with the centerpiece placed on the island under an absolutly glamorous chandelier.

I have truly enjoyed this restoration project and look forward to bringing you a followup post to showcase ‘before and afters’.  To check out of the design challenges and solutions we’ve tackeled, which are common when resorting a victorian home, click here.

Happy Holidays!  

– Marcelle Guilbeau, 

Nashville Interior Designer
Soulful Living By Design

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