Spa Bath

The “spa” bath trend has taken Nashville by storm – not just at the place where you get your pedicures, but also in the home. In this Series, we will delve into how to create a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere in your own home with tips and photos from our cool and calming Spa inspired bath projects. Each design component has been broken out into easily digestible bits. Follow along with us and soon you will have the knowledge needed to make a Zen bath experience of your own.

Neutral Palette
Neutral Palette

These earthy, neutral color palettes have a soothing effect\that will leave you feeling grounded and relaxed. Stay tuned for next week when we explore the element of nature.


Sacred Spaces

Unsettling times... Today, whether it's due to the strain of social distancing, real health crises, or economic uncertainty, we are all in our homes, struggling to get comfortable. So today I am offering you some personal tips for grounding...

Wow Factor: How to Create a Magical Sense of Arrival – Alys Beach Style

Alys Beach is one of my favorite vacation spots! The thoughtful application of design, sustainability, and luxury - as well as their commitment to nurturing and supporting the environment they have built within -  keeps my family coming back again and again. On my...

A Deco-Mod Pool House Combats the Winter Blues

Are your ready for a Sneak Peek into our pool house project in progress? This pool house has an Audrey-esque moment reminiscent of the feeling one gets when watching the movie "Charade." Chic, sophisticated, but not taking itself too seriously. Bold blocks of of black...

Rediscovering Wallpaper – Nashville Interiors Asks for My Thoughts on this Hot Trend

Nashville Interiors asked for my perspective on wallpapers in the home and why wrapping a room in gorgeous pattern and texture is a great choice for today's modern home. While this trend may be boiling over in 2016, studioGuilbeau has been all over wallpaper for a...

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