spa bath tip


spa element 4 – custom fit your tub or shower

When getting a new tub, sit in it before you buy, to make sure it’s the right fit.

Japanese style soaker tub

Experiment with back supports as well. It the height and slope of the backrest right for the primary bather?

size of tub is important

Don’t buy a tub just right for the 6’2” steadfast shower lover if the primary bather is 5’2”. There is nothing worse than drawing a nice hot bath and stepping in only to find that when your feet reach the end of the tub your head is underwater.


height of controls

When designing your shower, give careful attention to heights and placement of controls, shower heads, and bench seat.

glass tile


Bring in a mahogany or teak bath stool for added comfort.

greens and shower


custom tub


The best pair of shoes that money can buy are only useful if they fit YOUR foot. The same can be said for your bathroom. Who’s ready for some tub-hopping?

shower room



1,5,6, and 9 Steven Long Photography

2 . Matt Muller Photography

4 and 8 Ashley Segroves Photography


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