Recently, Elle Decor published the article “The 2015 Color Trends You Need To Know Now.” Here are a few of our favorite images from Marcelle Guilbeau Interior Design projects that illustrate these color trends; in action, in real homes.


1. Greek Blue – This crisp design with “Deco Flavor” is infused with pops of Greek Blue.

Urban Deco Farmhouse by Marcelle Guilbeau


2. Bold Color Mixing – The bold colors used in this space play off this Inde Record Company’s established branding. The client’s extensive collection of vintage furniture was incorporated into the design while shag carpeting and reclaimed wood flooring further cements the Retro feel of the space.

Inde Record Company - Marcelle Guilbeau


3. Neutral Grays– This contemporary bathroom is filled with colors like Polar Gray, Silverplate, and Oyster Stroke. The finished product is refined, timeless, and luxurious.

Contemporary Craftsman - Marcelle Guilbeau


4. Sour Green with Blue– This design features many trends rolled into one with the dynamic color pairing of red with sour green and blue custom made pillows.

Livable Luxury - Marcelle Guilbeau


5. Sixties Shades– This Global Contemporary design incorporates the earthy golds and oranges of the sixties into a thoroughly modern space.

Global Contemporary - Marcelle Guilbeau


6. Warm Tones– A modernized western flair meets exotic Moroccan touches in this warm and relaxing living room.

Modern West Meets Morocco - Marcelle Guilbeau


7. Dynamic Pairings– Black and White provides the perfect backdrop to strongs pops of deep red.

Boho Chic - Marcelle Guilbeau


8. Glossy Blue– A deep and rich blue tile turns this shower into an oasis.

Modern West Meets Morocco - Marcelle Guilbeau


9. Olive Green– A rustic green brings in the outdoors.

Urban Rustic Retreat - Marcelle Guilbeau

These are just a few examples of how your home interior can be on trend while maintaining a timeless style.

– marcelle

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