A big thank you to Greater Nashville House & Home for including me in their article on kitchen trends!

So, when you’re out and about, pick up one of these…..

House & Home May/June 2013 cover

We enjoyed the process of looking back on the projects we’ve done over the last year to review what we’re seeing and being asked for.   We realized we’ve designed almost 30 kitchens during that time…..Wow!

So now, flip on over to page 30…..

That beautiful kitchen with the stone wall and warm red accents is from the home of some great clients of mine in Kentucky.

House & Home Kitchen Trends 1

In the work we’ve done on those almost 30 kitchens (which still boggles my mind)…..we’ve worked on some great projects with wonderful people.

The combined living and kitchen space (which is definitely a trend) highlighted on the following page, was also featured in Nashville Lifestyles last year. These super and cool friends/clients still have one of the most stylish homes in East Nashville!

House & Home Kitchen Trends 2

House & Home Kitchen Trends 3



In addition to the trends noted in the article, we also noted eating in the kitchen – whether at table that also serves as an island or breakfast nook banquette, is a continuing trend in kitchen design.

Trends change and evolve with time, but they say a lot about what we want, what matters to us.  They also inspire us to consider doing something we might not otherwise.  We’re honored to to share our thoughts on kitchen trends with Nashville’s House & Home readers 🙂

 – marcelle


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