Color Trends for 2015

The color trends for 2015 range from energetic and cheering to deep and luxurious. Trends can help us to expand our horizons and think outside of our comfortable color box but creating your own style is all about floating above the trends and landing firmly in your own territory. These recent projects play on current color trends while staying true to the clients’ own personal style and that is the recipe for a truly soulful home.

Blue is everywhere in all its shades.

Optimistic Blues that pop brightly against white call to mind the Caribbean Sea and perfectly blue skies.

Optimistic Blues


Caribbean Blue

2015 is full of Icy Blues and Minty Greens. These cool tones are bright with inner shimmer and bring to mind a refreshing dip in an icy spring.

Icy Blues


minty sour greens

Notice how in both instances these ethereal tones were grounded by incorporating earthy neutrals into the design.

Beautiful jewel tones are a current favorite. Sapphire Blue is a lush focal point in rooms filled with deep neutrals inspired by graphites, gun metals, and warm creamy whites.

Jewel tones and deep neutrals


Jewel Tones and deep neutrals creamy whites

Lastly, Classic Blue – from primary to deep navy it is traditional but never boring and sets off stark whites beautifully.

Classic Blue, Navy


Neutrals ranging from deep to lively and bright create stunning combinations.

Timeless earthy browns with an authentic artisan feel are very hot. These deep and homey earth tones ground the space.

Earthy Artisan Browns

Toasty Almond is the perfect bright neutral. It beautifully anchors all the bright sunny yellows and juicy oranges that trending.

Toasted Almond


Sunny yellows and juicy oranges are the perfect vacation from greige.

As seen above, these citrusy brights pack a punch. The tangy orange wallpaper below is perfectly grounded by the earthy neutrals sprinkled throughout the room.

oranges and yellows


Versatile Corals

If brights aren’t your thing but color is one of the many lovely and versatile corals could be just what you are looking for. Ranging from sunny to dusky, coral shades add a rustic sun kissed warmth to rooms.

Sunny Coral


Dusky deep reddish coral

This is just a taste of what the trendmasters are saying about interior colors in 2015. Now, what do you say? Be inspired to be the trendmaster in your soulful home.



1. Modern Slant

2. Modern West Meets Morocco – photos by Matt Muller

3.Contemporary Craftsman- photos by Steven Long

4 and 6. Livable Luxury – photos by Steven Long

5 and 7. Urban Deco Farmhouse – photos by Steven Long

8. West Coast Modern

9 and 10. Naturally Modern – photos by Steven Long

11 and 12. Coming Soon…

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