Because sometimes you don’t feel at home in your space

I’ve designed a workshop to help you discover your unique soul style. Your soul style is your signature style, what speaks to who you are at your core. So if you’re considering remodeling, or are simply furnishing your space for the first time, this course will guide your ideas, fuel your inspiration or help you get creatively unstuck. More importantly, this course will help you design a space for yourself that beautifully compliments the person you are at your core.

Interior Design Workshop

The Soulful Home Workshop: Discover Your Own Style

The Soulful Home workshop is a prelude to my coming book which i’m releasing next year.  I’m offering this limited time workshop, to personally guide you through the satisfying process of unearthing, identifying and helping you execute on your unique design style. I will show you how tap into your design impulse, identify what you truly love, why you love it, and why it makes you come alive. And I will also show you how to translate these experiences, and elements within you, into your interior design project.

Upon completion of my workshop, you’ll have several essential exercise completed, with clarity on the direction you’ll be moving into. You will have your Dream Home Vision Board and most valuable of all, you will know how to create a space that is uniquely yours.

Vision Board

Early Bird Special

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Workshop Details

Date: November 7th, 2017

Time: 10:00 am – 4:30 (central) 

Syllabus: Introduction to Four Design Styles along with a serious of creative series of exercises At the conclusion of the workshop, you will learn about how to convert your Design Style into a Timeless and Classic Base, and how to evolve it over time through Layers. 

Seats Left: 3

Price: 299

(only 199 with Early Bird Registration)


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