A local Realtor came to me looking for a workplace design solution that would support their company culture and enable higher productivity. While the office serves just three employees —  a team leader, another realtor, and an admin assistant —  all work is done in the same room, even when making presentations for up to a dozen stakeholders

The design solution I envisioned communicates their urban sophisticate vibe while speaking the language of their high-style home developer clientele. I proposed perimeter wall-wrapping desks with a conference table in the middle. This table will face a large wall mounted screen for presentations while a coffee and drink bar will be added to the opposite wall.

A typical “Cockpit Office” is a sleekly modern office with all its functions installed around the perimeter of the room. It’s usually so small you can only fit one chair in it. We upgraded the traditional “Cockpit Office” from a fighter jet to the USS Enterprise. All the more reason to get those perimeter desks (and bar) to look sharp!  Doesn’t it sound like a fun place to “engage” in work ;)?

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